4 Important Questions to Ask Your Kids Every Night

When I tell my kids it is time for bed they all come alive somehow after being calm and quiet. I then have to start jumping through hoops for my kids. They make any excuse they can come up with to stay up later. My favorite one is that they need to stay up to make cookies for me.

However, I know I would never want to replace these bedtime moments I share with my kids. I love kissing them good night and tucking them in.

I then came across this article about 4 Important Questions to Ask Your Kids Every Night at Her View From Home blog. These four important questions are great and a way to become closer to my kids. One of the questions focuses on what their highlights of the day was, good and bad. My favorite one is “How did you show kindness or love today?” I think that is a very important question and something I want my children to do.

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