3 Easy Ingredient BBQ Beef Sandwiches

Making easy and quick meals for my family is something I am all game for no matter what. My life is constantly busy with kids’ activities and other things that keep me from cooking up a meal from scratch like the old days when I was living by myself. I’ll let you know one thing; I wouldn’t trade it for the world with the family I love. Simple and easy recipes are still the thing I need to spend more time with my family and other important things.

This 3 Easy Ingredient BBQ Beef Sandwiches from Simple, Sweet, and Savory is just the thing. Let me tell you, I am a huge fan of BBQ Beef Sandwiches no matter what. I am not a huge meat eater so this is great for me to get my protein in. The recipe is also super simple because you can cook the beef in your slow cooker all day while you need to do the things you do or simply sit back and enjoy an episode (or a couple) if your favorite show!

Click here to read more how to prepare this awesome, easy meal!

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