20 Vaseline Uses You Probably Didn’t Know About

My bathroom cupboard is home to many old and forgotten lotions and medicine that probably expired sometime in the last decade or so, rusty old nail clippers, and hidden pot of gold—Vaseline. A tub of petroleum jelly that is found in most homes, but the usages of this wonderful creation are truly beyond me. There are rumors that this creation has good uses for around the house for practical jobs or personal use. Here are 20 Vaseline Uses that surprisingly may help you pick up a new trick or two!

Eyebrow Control – Dab a little on each eyebrow to keep them in line. This helps to keep them in line, especially for those that need a trim or are unruly.

Facial Moisturizer – A great moisturizer for dry skin overnight since it does not soak up readily. Vaseline does not clog up pores despite the common idea that it does.

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Dry Feet – A home remedy for dry feet and cracked heels. Slather your feet and put on a pair of socks. The socks may not be very useful even after washing, but an old pair will do great!

A Cuticle Mender – Put Vaseline around your cuticles and gently rub in to stop them feeling sore and to stop further damage so the healing process can begin.

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Neatly Painted Fingernails and Toenails – Using a cotton bud or Q-tip to trace around your cuticles before commencing a manicure or pedicure.

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Extend Perfume Staying Power – Apply a blob of Vaseline to your wrists before spritzing your perfume on the area of the Vaseline.

Make-Up Remover – Dip a cotton buds or Q-tips into Vaseline and gently remove make up from your eyes.

Protect Cuts and Grazes – One of the great uses is to but on bruises and grazes to protect from infection and aid in faster healing. It acts as a barrier against dirt and germs reaching minor injuries but is not an antiseptic.

Mascara – Dip a clean spooly brush into a pot of Vaseline and swipe a few coats onto your lashes. It will make them look fuller and longer.

Hair Dye Barrier – Protect your skins from being dyed along with your hair, try creating a barrier on your forehead and around your ears with a thin layer of Vaseline.

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Shoe Shiner – Dab some Vaseline onto the leather shoes or even handbags and gently rub in to buff them up on the cheap side.

Prevent Diaper and Nappy Rashes – Great for preventing diaper rashes these days.

Remove Candle Wax – Add Vaseline to the edge of the dripped candle wav, allow it to sink in for a moment then wipe away with a cloth.

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Restore Old Leather – Apply a coat of Vaseline to the leather, massage in, removing any excess and you’re good to go!

Prevent Battery Corrosion – Add to the terminals of car battery to help prevent corrosion. Vaseline forms a water resistant barrier around the metal tops of the battery terminals.

Remove Chewing Gum from Hair – A great trick for when your kids get gum in their hair! Isolate the area of the hair that has the gum stuck in it, the work a glob of the Vaseline into the gum to break up the gum elasticity. Wipe the gum and Vaseline mix from your hair with a paper towel, then reapply the Vaseline and repeat the process until the gum is removed.

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Open Jar Lids Easily – Smear a thin layer of Vaseline around the threaded side of the jar lid before screwing on the lid, the slippery jelly will prevent any stuck food from keeping the lid closed and should allow you to open those stubborn jars. Great for honey and jam jars.

Protect Surfaces While Painting – Apply a line layer to mask surfaces where you don’t want paint to get, such as window glass, door hinges, or knobs. When finished wipe away the gel with a wet rag.

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Fix Frozen Locks – Apply a thin layer of Vaseline to both the lock and the key. Insert the key into the lock and work it back and forth to coat the mechanism.

Soap Scum – Apply a small amount to faucets, handles, and bathroom tiles, then allow the jelly to soak into the soap scum for a few minutes. Wipe clean and buff with a soft cloth.

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