Tips to Protect Your Baby’s Future

Congratulations! Your family is growing! That means a new bundle of joy is about to come into your life! You’re excited, thrilled, you can hardly wait! And rightfully so. Let’s face it, you’re about to experience one of the most beautiful things that will ever happen in life (I’m not talking about your babymoon, though that will be great too). Of course, I mean the birth of your baby.

As parents we naturally desire to protect our babies, and we don’t have to wait until they are born to start. One area we can start protecting in advance is our child’s financial future. It may or may not have occurred to you yet, but that precious baby will need diapering supplies, bottles, food, clothing, toys, a stroller, a car seat, and a whole lot more. And that’s just the beginning, most of these items are seemingly never ending. Then comes school, after school sports, drama classes, and headache-inducing violin classes that will set your teeth on edge. Eventually comes a smart phone, computer, car, and college tuition. In all, your childcare costs total almost $250,000 over 18 years. It’s a good idea to take some time to think through how you want to reorganize your savings and investments so that you’re ready when your child is born.

You’ve probably thought about some of these expenses before, but have you thought about how to protect your child’s future in the event that you’re not there to protect them yourself? Purchasing a life insurance policy is the best way to ensure that your family’s financial plans stay on track, now and forever. The hardest part of the life insurance shopping process is getting started.



I recently found PolicyGenius which removes the obstacles involved in insurance shopping by providing the easiest path for life insurance with unbiased advice and quote comparisons from the nation’s top carriers. Their life insurance calculator identifies how much protection your family will need by guiding you through a 3 minute Q&A about your family and finances. Remember, life insurance is designed to act as emergency protection for your family to help them deal with debts and to replace lost income which is like creating a safety net for your little one as they grow (since they’ll always be your little one, no matter how old they get).

Once you’ve entered your information in the PolicyGenius calculator, they will walk you through a series of questions about your financial and medical history to provide you with the most accurate life insurance quotes on the market. When you find a life insurance plan that suits your needs, you can purchase directly from PolicyGenius’ site and a member of their customer service team will assist you at every step of the way. If you decide you need to switch carriers, their customer service team is also on hand to advocate on your behalf. I was most excited to learn that they are non-commissioned licensed agents, so they aren’t paid to favor one insurer over the other and have your best interests at heart.

When it comes to life insurance, PolicyGenius removes all the hard work so you can compare and shop with ease. With their smart decision support tools and their comprehensive learning center you can discover just how affordable it is to buy peace of mind.

Go ahead, enjoy this new season with your baby but also remember to protect their future.

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Disclaimer: I have teamed up with PolicyGenius in support of this campaign. We received compensation for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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