Thrifty Ways To Get Your Dream Wedding Dress on a Budget

When you are planning a wedding, you know how quickly the costs can spiral out of control. You can spend a lot of money on lots of small things. Vendors seem to sniff out that what you need is for a wedding and so the price does tend to go up on a lot of things. So if you have the chance to cut some costs, then it makes sense to go for it.

One of the things that you can cut the cost on is your wedding dress. You can get the wedding dress of your dreams, without it having to cost a lot of money. After all, as long as you feel comfortable, it fits you well and you look as pretty as a princess, it is what the dress is all about. Spending thousands of dollars on a dress is a little ridiculous when it is only going to be worn on one day. So here are some thrifty ways to cut the cost of a wedding dress.


Consider a Bridesmaid Dress

When you are scouring the shops, you could consider getting a bridesmaid dress in white, off-white, or whatever color you want your dress to be. It won’t have a large train, but you can add extra sparkle with the jewelry you wear and with a veil. Bridesmaid dresses cost a lot less than something labelled as a ‘wedding dress,’ so that certainly is worth considering.

Look Online

There are many discounted stores online, as well as places that will be selling second-hand dresses. It won’t cost too much to have a dress altered slightly to fit you, so there isn’t any need to worry about buying something online. The best thing to do is to allow plenty of time, though. If it is being shipped from somewhere like China, it could take quite a while. Check for reviews of the website before buying too. If you do all of that, then you can grab a bargain. You could click here to find your dream wedding dress and get some ideas for the style that might suit you best. It is easy to compare a variety of styles when you shop online.

Have Your Dress Made

If you or someone you know is handy on the sewing machine, then it can end up being quite cheap to have a dress made. Buying the fabric yourself means you can be in control of the budget. Plus, if it is you or a friend making the dress, the chances are that you won’t be paying much for their time. A professional dressmaker would charge a lot more, though. So see if there is anyone out there that you know that could help.

Check Department Stores

Unless you have quite a specific style in mind, then you shouldn’t rule out looking in department stores. There are lots of prom style dresses that could work for a wedding dress. You could also choose a simple satin dress, like Pippa Middleton wore as a bridesmaid, as your actual dress. A wedding dress doesn’t have to be a big or grand piece of clothing unless you want it to be.

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