A Quick Note on Choosing the Right MBA School

We’ve covered how much an online MBA degree can really be beneficial here on 24/7 Moms. I’m sure a lot of you are gearing up and preparing to pursue a degree yourselves. Before you get started, however, there is one important point you need to know: the school you choose matters. According to recent studies complied by Northeastern University, employees are finding the skills online MBA students acquire through specialized courses to be more valuable and in tune with their needs. Online courses with specializations such as international marketing are also easier to find these days.

Choosing the right MBA school will help you gain the right skillset and knowledge to be effective. As a result, your online MBA degree will be more valuable in the eyes of employers, allowing you to get back to a superb career with it.

To get started with choosing a school and major that suits you, the How to Choose the Right School for Your Career Path infographic by Northeastern University has all the information you need.

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