Must-Have Tools for DIY Projects

Whether you’re an avid do-it-yourselfer or are just starting out, it’s important that you’re equipped with the right tools. With the millions of DIY projects out there, the tools needed can range from a hammer to screwdriver to chainsaw. Knowing the right ones to buy can be overwhelming, but there are several tools that every do-it-yourselfer should have in their tool box.

Impact Driver

While the cordless drill/driver rivals this tool, ultimately the impact driver is a must-have tool that every toolkit needs. Why? Because it accepts a variety of driver bits to suit any screw that you’ll stumble upon in your DIY projects. Using both bit rotation and concussive intense blows to power, this tool can drive screws through even the thickest and densest of woods, according to Popular Mechanics. With this powerful tool you will be able to complete a multitude of projects including mailbox updates, replacements and enhancements. 

Ratchet Screwdriver

One of the most-commonly used tools in the DIY world is the ratchet screwdriver. With a nice ratcheting action, smart and accessible bit storage, great bit selection, along with a comfortable handle, this all-encompassing screwdriver has everything needed for putting together that Ikea furniture, mailbox enhancements and much more.

Tape Measure

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No toolbox or household is complete without a tape measure. While there are many brands of tape measures on the market, one that’s a little more expensive will definitely last longer and perform better. Due to its flexible material and precise measuring, tape measures are a great tool to have. Plus, the length that they can measure up to comes in handy for those specialty DIY projects, including building, maintaining and repairing those bigger items and rooms.

Torpedo Level

Not the most obvious tool, but it’s a must need for all those do-it-yourselfers who are furniture builders. Those book shelves need to be straight, right?! Coming in different sizes—small, medium and giant—whichever size best suits your needs and budget, make sure that it’s a torpedo level.

Claw Hammer

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Perfect for hammering in or extracting nails, the claw hammer is one of the most primitive and basic tools. While you might not have yours attached to your belt loops just yet, a hammer is an essential that no do-it-yourselfer, homeowner or renter can live without. Just like tape measures, hammers come in a variety of sizes and brands. To best find the right fit, before buying, try gripping and hammering into the air. This is important as your hammer will become your new best friend and sidekick.

Flash Light/ Work Light

Good for an emergency kit, a flash light and/or work light is also ideal for those DIY projects done in low light situations. This light is also good for up close sawing, screwing and nailing. Whether you get a dedicated LED light, head lamp or work lamp, this needed toolbox accessory will help make any DIY project go that much smoother.

The above tools will definitely help you be successful with most DIY projects, while also helping to grow that tool box into the ultimate DIY toolbox.

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