It’s Time to Care More About Yourself

A lot of moms sacrifice their personal interests, activities and many other things to give more time and energy to their families. While this is a commendable decision and an admirable approach, it may not always be the best. Studies by Case Western Reserve University suggest that showing self-care and a high level of gratitude can also be the path to becoming a better mom.

The studies are based on self-care for social workers and the fact that higher level of self-care leads to better abilities to care for others. You can’t really take good care of the children when you’re facing health problems, feeling bad about your life and not caring about yourself enough, can you?

Fortunately, there are ways to improve self-care while at the same time improving your ability to care for others. This infographic about Social Worker and Self-Care will help you get started.

This infographic was created by Case Western Reserve University.

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