5 Ways Savvy Moms Save Money on Their Kids’ Shoes

Shoes are an ongoing necessity for children. The expense can add up quickly as kids grow out of old styles at a rapid pace. Don’t let the cost of footwear take over your clothing budget. You can keep your kids’ feet shod stylishly at a fraction of the tag price using these smart shopping strategies.

Invest in a Quality Pair

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Paying more for a shoe seems counterintuitive when you want to save, but splurging a bit on the right shoe is actually the best strategy. If you go too cheap, you’ll end up with a shoe that falls apart before your child has outgrown it. You simply can’t stick with shoes once they’ve developed holes or popped stitches. Invest in a single pair of versatile shoes that will last through several seasons. Avoid anything too fashion-forward that will only go with a few outfits. Instead, opt for a shoe that’s neutral, versatile, and durable. Also make sure the shoes are comfortable and easy to put on.

Buy for the Future

Keep an eye out for shoe sales and stock up when you find rock bottom prices. Combine top brand names with standout deals and you can get quality products on a dime. Use coupons for other reliable brand names to slash your spending up to 50 percent on select styles.

When you stick with classic looks, you can buy shoes ahead of time when they’re on sale. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to snag a great deal. Purchase shoes a size or two up so you’re stocked and ready for the next phase.

Shop Discount Stores

Look for shoes at discount stores where you can save big on hot styles. Famous Footwear’s specials and sales will help you save anywhere from 15 to 50 percent on your kids’ shoes. Avoid pricey department stores and turn instead to big box stores or other lower priced options. You can find the same looks for far less when you know where to shop.

Use Coupons for Your Purchases

Coupons are an outstanding tool for saving on your shoe purchases. Use a site like Coupons.com to find all the best coupons neatly curated in one spot. When you shop through Coupons.com, you can also donate a portion of your purchase to charity, helping your shoe purchases to do some extra good.

Stay Loyal to Your Favorites

Many stores or brands offer loyalty programs that will give you extra deals or savings for your purchases. If you have a favorite and stick with it for all your shoe purchases, you can get some serious loyalty perks. Always ask about loyalty cards before you make your first purchase.

Cut back on your shoe spending with a mindful approach to your shopping. Whether you’re buying months ahead or simply choosing styles that are guaranteed to last, the right approach to your children’s footwear will help you get great styles for less than you expected.

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