5 Ways for Moms to Get Some Me Time

Raising kids, looking after family, and possibly even working, is exceptionally difficult, not to mention time consuming. It can be incredibly stressful trying to do it all, keeping everyone else happy and well looked after. Sometimes, you need a break, and to do something that is just for you. These are five great things you can do, away from being mom, for yourself.

Learning something new, or furthering your education, can be a great way of doing something for yourself. You’ll get a sense of pride, and you’ll find it’s nice to use your brain in a different way, to do something grown up, instead of everything being about the kids. With many courses, available online, such as CSN online programs, it’s easier to return to education than ever. You may find courses like CSN nursing degrees lead to a new and exciting career. Or you might choose a course just for the sake of learning something new, which leads to a fun new hobby.

Exercise is another thing that’s just for you, and could help you in the future. You might not have time to join the gym, but swimming, running and dancing are great forms of exercise for moms. Look on YouTube for some great home-based workouts. Or start a couch to 5k running program.

Spend Time with Friends
It’s easy to lose touch with friends once we have had children, but it’s still good to try and make the effort to see them as often as you can. Lunch out, or a day with the kids is great. If you can get a night out without them, even better. If you can’t, get them round for a takeout and bottle of wine once the kids are in bed, and have a good catch up. Chatting with friends about any problems, or just sharing funny stories, is one of the best ways to reduce stress.

Read a Book
Remember reading for pleasure? Actually getting to finish a book? It probably doesn’t happen as often as it used to. Reading is a fantastic way of relaxing. Leave the world behind, forget your problems and responsibilities, and get lost in a good book. Live someone else’s life for a while. Ideally, read it in a nice big bubble bath.

Treat Yourself
This is another thing we don’t do as often once we have had children. Buy yourself something, just for you, just because you want it. This will make you feel great. Whether it’s a new outfit, or a haircut and pamper session, treating yourself is an amazing way of making yourself feel special and important, and remembering who you used to be.

Whether you choose to do something for yourself and your future, or just take a break from it all, time spent alone is vital. Remember, you are still you. You have interests and passions. You are so much more than just a mom. Take some time out when you can, and don’t feel guilty about it; it will make you a better mom.

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