How to Create Customised Christmas Gift Baskets


Christmas is always an exciting and social time of year where we get together with family and friends. At the same time, it can be rather stressful as you rush around trying to buy gifts for everyone on your gift list. Sometimes coming up with that perfect idea can be next to impossible.

In fact, women are among the hardest people to buy for, according to a survey conducted by Ladbrokes who then created a Christmas Gift Generator to help people out. So, what do you get that person who seems to have everything? A customised Christmas gift basket can be the absolute perfect idea, and you can fill it with items that they are bound to love, want, and will use.

If you’ve never put a customised Christmas gift basket together then you may want a little help when it comes to the essentials. With these tips in mind, you are sure to create stunning baskets.

Select a Theme

Before you even start your shopping, you will first want to think about the perfect theme for your gift basket. Remember, gift baskets don’t have to be expensive and filled with luxury items. The whole idea behind a customised gift basket is that it is something the recipient loves. Perhaps they are a chocolate lover; you can build a customised basket all around this theme and not spend a fortune. Other popular themes include:

  • A sports lover basket
  • A foodie basket (tools and gadgets for the kitchen, speciality foods/items, etc.)
  • A basket for the barbecue enthusiast
  • A coffee lover basket
  • A spa themed basked
  • A reading themed basket
  • A word-game themed basket (crossword puzzles, word searches, Sudoku, etc.)

Once you pick your theme you are able to start shopping. Be sure to hit up pound shops as they are ideal for creating gift baskets.

Shop for Basket Supplies

A big part of the gift basket experience is the look of the basket itself. Here’s where you want to spend a little time shopping around and looking at the details. Obviously, you will need to get a basket that is large enough to hold all the items you’ve bought. From that point you can make it look as luxurious, fun, or whimsical as you like. Line the inside of the basket with fabric, tissue, shredded decorative paper, or any other neat material you come across. Once you place all the items in the basket you can then use clear cellophane wrap to keep it all contained. Top the basket off with a lovely ribbon or bow and you’ve got a real showstopper on your hands.

If you want to go that extra mile you can add cute craft items to the inside of the basket such as stickers, figurines, dried flowers, ornaments, and anything else that catches your eye.

Let Your Creativity Shine

When it comes to customised gift baskets, it really pays to be creative. Don’t be afraid to add personal touches and cute little items, as these are sure to add a smile to the recipient’s face.

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