7 Core Values Every Child Needs

core valuesWhen I became a mom, I was very terrified on how I should raise my kids. I asked myself constantly “What would I teach my kids?” and “How would they act and behave when they are older?” I think this is almost every mom’s nightmare and worry how their kids will turn out. So, when I came across this great blog post over at iMOM, sharing 7 core values every child needs, I knew this was for me. I think as moms we should help one another thus I wanted to share these core values with you!

7 Core Values Every Child Needs

“My children are adults now, but when they were kids, I learned the importance of teaching them certain core values.  I realized that if I didn’t teach them, they would automatically pick up the values of our culture: things like you have to climb the corporate ladder and make as much money as you can, or ideas that having a nice car and lots of materialistic things will make you happy. Are these really the values we want guiding our children?

Core values are like a navigation system that guide our actions and behaviors. They are the ethics we live by, principles that affect our decisions and determine our choices. Your children’s core values will affect every decision they make from the home to the workforce.  Helping them develop core values is essential for a life of purpose and significance.  These are the 7 core values my family has chosen to live by.” Click here to check out these 7 Core Values Every Child Needs at iMom!

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