18 Useful Things You Can Do With The Amazon Echo

There are so many cool and useful electronic gadgets out there these days. Technology is always changing and so great to see how it is designed to be fixtures in our everyday life at home and outside of our home. I have always been a fan of my smart phones when it comes to asking questions or looking for directions on my iPhone. “Hey Siri,” is definitely a daily thing I say! There are plenty of other cool electronic gadgets, such as wireless/Bluetooth speakers that can access your music and play it wherever you are. There are even gadgets that will show you who comes to your door when you aren’t there, such as Ring Doorbell Pro.

I was looking through some blogs I normally read and came across the Amazon Echo. My husband loves these techy gadget, especially when we have friends over or he is cooking dinner. One Good Thing by Jillee posted an article about 18 things you can do with the Amazon Echo. “Alexa”, the echo interface, can play albums, tell you the top news stories, a joke, and plenty of more things!

Click here to read more about the 18 Useful Things You Can Do With The Amazon Echo at One Good Thing by Jillee!

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