Nine Holiday Feast Secret Saving Rules


  1. Don’t overdo it! Search online for a meat calculator. Enter the number of kids and adults and find out exactly how many pounds you will need. It will even tell you how much gravy and stuffing is necessary for the meal
  2. If you’re only serving a few, don’t feel obligated to buy the whole turkey, a turkey breast will do the job
  3. Price matching can apply to turkeys too. For example, Safeway guarantees the lowest price on frozen turkeys and will match a competitor’s price when you show their ad or coupon
  4. Build your menu around “loss leader” items: The prices of certain foods have gone up this holiday season, but grocery stores have “loss leaders” or items on sale at below cost that they use to lure you into the store. The good news is turkey is often a loss leader this time of year
  5. Think Beyond T-Day.Ask for a rain check even if a sale item won’t be restocked by Thanksgiving Day. You still need to eat in December, so why not take advantage of those Thanksgiving deals.
  6. Raid the freezer.Dig into the depths of your freezer in search for leftover rolls or sliced bread like the often-neglected end pieces. Thaw it out for Thanksgiving and use this bread hodgepodge to make stuffing
  7. Frozen fruits and vegetables are still full of nutritional value because flash freezing preserves the nutrients. Compare prices in the fresh and frozen aisle for items like green beans and cranberries
  8. You may save buying frozen in bulk, so if you’re feeding a crowd, this could be the way to go
  9. Use social media!Be sure to check out the Facebook and Twitter accounts for your favorite coupon sites, stores and manufacturers.  Many times, you will hear about upcoming sales and promotions before they are announced, plus get special insider coupons!

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