Making The Decision To Move Home

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Moving home is a huge decision and a big change to one’s lifestyle. If you’re currently unsure whether to make the move, consider these factors.

Can you afford it?

Moving house isn’t just a stressful occasion, but more often than not an expensive one too. On top of the deposit, you’ll need to look into moving companies and the cost of any personal details that need changing. Before making the decision to move, save up. Great ways to do this include temporarily downsizing and putting your furniture into storage. While paying low rent somewhere, you can then save up for a deposit. Another solution is to declutter and sell all the things you don’t need. You’ll need to declutter anyway when moving out, so you might as well get it all out of the way.

Alternatively, your reason for moving could be that the cost of living where you are is too high, in which case finding a cheaper property is definitely the right option.

What will you gain and what will you lose?

Decide the things that you want to gain and the things that you don’t want to lose and weigh up their importance. You may want to cut your commute and move closer to work, but does that mean leaving behind your friends and family? Moving to an urban area might improve your opportunities, but does it increase your living costs? Similarly, moving to somewhere rural might work out cheaper, but what is there to do in the area to suit your lifestyle? If what you gain outweighs what you lose – then you should probably bite the bullet and move. If you’re only going to make a few significant gains, consider what you can do to rectify this whilst staying put. Are there any half-way-house methods of approach? If the commute to London is too long and expensive, is it cheaper to stay somewhere overnight during the week?

Is it the right time?

Is a relative ill of whom you may want to stay close to? Are you expecting a new child soon? Have your kids just started school? These are all the wrong time to move, as they will be disruptive. Good times to move are when you’re not expecting or currently experiencing a big change, but want one. For example, if you’re a couple, are you and your partner finally ready to move in together? Are you perhaps looking for somewhere to start a family? Are you looking to change job and have no other current commitments? These perfect times should be jumped upon. If you are a born procrastinator and know where you want to move to but haven’t made the decision yet, you could just be wasting time that you could have spent settling in to your new home. The best times to move are when you feel free and have no ties. Don’t hang around as ties will form and then you won’t be able to follow your dream of moving.

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