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You can always tell the parents of a newborn; they look like they came right off the set of The Walking Dead. Everyone knows if you have a newborn sleep is impossible, right? Wrong! In the womb, babies sleep up to twenty hours per day. Clearly newborns don’t need to be “trained” how to sleep – they know how, and they’ve had plenty of practice. So why do most parents have trouble getting their newborns to sleep?

If you’re looking to help your baby (and you!) find some much-needed great sleep, THE NO-CRY SLEEP SOLUTION FOR NEWBORNS has been field-tested by 122 test families with newborns. Their input refined the ideas to make them easy to understand and follow – by even the most sleep-deprived parent.No-Cry-2

Author Elizabeth Pantley is the mother of four children, one grandchild, and the author of thirteen books on raising a child (four of those books are on sleep!)  Since she wrote her original No-Cry Sleep Solution, she’s helped millions of parent and babies get better sleep. She expressly created this book to explain the ways parents may unintentionally prevent an infant’s natural sleep to occur, and to teach the simple but powerful ways to maximize our newborn’s naps and nighttime sleep and create the foundation for awesome sleep.

No Cry

One of Pantley’s most important takeaways is that babies do sleep a lot, but oftentimes outside influences disrupt their sleep. Newborns will fall asleep easier and then sleep better and for longer stretches when you understand and respect their sleep needs. In addition, babies who are getting all the sleep they need, at the times they need it, are much happier and more peaceful, and their parents are able to more fully enjoy the newborn months.

You will learn –

  • The things that trick us into disrupting a baby’s sleep
  • How to identify the perfect moment for a nap
  • Ways to create a sleep-inducing environment
  • Tips to reduce the number of night wakings
  • How to set the stage for great sleep throughout babyhood – and more!

Once you’ve learned the 15 Keys to Amazing Newborn Sleep you’ll easily make adjustments to how you treat your baby’s sleep. You don’t have to keep logs nor follow schedules or rules. Just by being aware of this information you will do things to improve sleep that you wouldn’t have known to do otherwise.

When you apply these Keys you can help your baby sleep well and peacefully. And guess what? When your baby sleeps – you will, too!

Purchase your copy today at Amazon, iTunes, & Barnes and Noble.

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Disclaimer: I have teamed up with The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Newborns in support of this campaign. We received compensation for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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