Teaching Sportsmanship Through Chores in an Everybody Wins Society

busy.jpgTips on how to involve everyday responsibilities and learning fairness in any game

Participating in team events is all a part of growing up. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to be on a winning team and not every winner is a gracious one, which is why it is important for parents to teach their kids good sportsmanship. Gregg Murset, the CEO of BusyKid, an app that teaches kids about work ethic and managing money, has a few tips for parents that incorporate chores with learning the lesson of how to support a team and how to deal with wins and losses, all important skills that contribute to good sportsmanship in all aspects of life.

Below are a few tips for parents to get their children involved at home like they are in activities such as baseball, dance, or soccer.

  • Don’t Let Kids Quit: If your child comes to you after his/her first ever soccer practice and says he or she wants to quit, do not let your child follow through on quitting. Instead, teach your child that team sports are a commitment and the season should be played in full. If your child isn’t a fan of playing after the season, then they don’t have to play again.
  • Reward Hours Spent at Practice: Acknowledge your child’s dedication to a sport or activity. This shows your support for your child and what it is he or she likes to do.
  • Put Kids in Charge: It is not just Mom and Dad’s job to make sure the uniform is clean, water bottles are filled, and gear is packed. Teach children that it is their responsibility to be prepared for their interests/commitments. Reward getting ready for sports like you would any other job assigned to your child.
  • Prepare snacks: Give the players the responsibility of supplying a team snack during practices and games, instead of the responsibility falling on the parents. Or have teammates pair up and make goody bags for each other, filled with fruit, veggies, energy drinks and motivational messages.

About BusyKid

Formerly known as My Job Chart, BusyKid.com is the first mobile-website that helps parents teach children about work ethic, responsibility, accountability and managing real money.  Even though the website lets kids learn real life lessons surrounding earning and spending money, it also encourages strong character traits, good behavior and supporting charitable organizations.

For more information visit: http://www.busykid.com.

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