Every Mom Needs One – The Secret Machine


The year was 2008 – WHEW!….what a night..I finally got to bed at 12:30am only to doze off around 12:55am when I was suddenly awoken by our adorable 6 year old Nate-No who arrived into our room making that gagging sound ..as a MOM we know what that means RUNNNNNN for the toilet .

Yep, the FLU arrived in our home at 1:00 am. Five  minutes into my dreamland, off and running helping Nate-No to the bathroom who had already left behind a trail from his bedroom to our bathroom as if he was  Hansel from the famous story “Hansel and Gretel”, needing to find his way back to his bedroom (home).

Now its 1:00am, the carpets, mattress, bed linens and PJ’s were in need of immediate HELP.  First gather up all items that can be tossed in to the washing machine. NEXT shampoo the trail Hansel (Nate-No) left behind. Thankfully I have a handy dandy secret machine the “

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