Age Appropriate Chores and FREE Chore Charts


It’s wise to start teaching children to help around the house with assigned chores when they’re young. They can be taught to participate and feel a part of the family effort as young as age two or three. Children take pride in doing chores, and the tasks instill a sense of responsibility that can serve them well throughout life. That said, it’s never too late to get kids started with using age appropriate chores!
Most experts agree that three factors can be the key to success. One is to have chores that are appropriate for the child. Second, have a positive attitude and don’t make the chores feel like punishment. And the third is to use Printable Chore Charts to help target the behavior and monitor activities.

Of course, a child’s age doesn’t really define what chores are appropriate, but it can give a starting guideline. The the physical, developmental, and emotional age of a child all make a difference. So be prepared to adapt the list!

Make it fun and don’t expect perfection. After all, you want to encourage chore activities, not make your son or daughter frustrated or resentful. The more kids accept doing chores when young, the better the chance they will cooperate when older.

Take a look at our large selection of Chore Charts to find one that fits your needs! We have them grouped in separate categories such as for ages 3 – 5, ages 6 – 10, and older kids.

See our helpful infographic below to find age appropriate chores for your kids.




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