15 Ways to Show Your Teen Son Your Love

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Where did the  days, months and years go?  It’s official our two youngest boys have entered high school and of course this means the teen years are in progress.   Yes, it’s true we have walked these high school halls for many years , chaperoned  school dances, spent lunches selling ice cream , attended  more school assemblies then an average  high school student will and weathered wet and cold football games all because we loved the journey of being parents to teenagers.

Now, the journey continues with our two youngest boys .  The halls still seem familiar but the students faces are not the same, many of the teachers have moved rooms, changed positions, or moved onto new things, there is even a new high school logo painted on the wall.   However the needs of the students have not   changed.  The need to  be accepted, loved , valued and encouraged are still the same needs for these high school hall roaming teens.

How do we as parents show our teens love, value, acceptances and encourage them along this 4 year journey?

Author  Tricia Goyer has created a list of 15 ways to Show your teen Son your love and it has re-inspired me to embrace every moment of this journey and discover ways to connect to my teen sons so they feel loved, valued, encouraged and accepted during the high school years.

Here are a few of Tricia ‘s ideas:   Click here for her full article and list of  15 Ways to Show Your Teen Son Your Love .

 15 Ways to Show Your Teen Son Your Love

  1. Go on a long drive and just sit side-by-side. Don’t ask any questions; just enjoy the view and wait for him to talk. (It will feel awkward, but I guarantee your son will love the side-by-side time.)
  2. Ask your son about his most recent video game . . . and then just listen.
  3. Make your son’s favorite dinner and let him know you were thinking of him.
  4. Tell your son how proud you are of a good character trait you see in him.


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