How to Plan Your Study Around Bringing Up a Child

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If you want to raise a family, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice getting a higher education and advancing your skills and career. In fact, even though it can be challenging, there are ways that you can plan your studies around bringing up your child in a home filled with love.

Keep reading for a few helpful tips, especially if you’re planning on heading to a school like Washington State University to pursue an advanced degree like a masters in business administration online.

Plan Your Study Blocks

As a mom, you have a lot of daily responsibilities to take care of as it is, without considering school. Therefore, you need to set up study blocks, which will be the times during which you’ll get your homework and studying done without being interrupted. If you’re going to school from home by enrolling in an online MBA program or something similar, it will be easier to schedule your class time and study time, as you’ll likely enjoy a more flexible schedule.

Think about the times of day during which you have some downtime. This may be very early in the morning before the rest of your family wakes up, or it might be very late at night after everyone has gone to bed. You may have some time throughout the day and evening during which you can study while your child is sleeping if you have a baby. Or you may be able to study while your child is in school during the day.

Establish Boundaries, and Ask for Help

Another thing you’ll need to do in order to successfully raise a family and go to school at the same time is establish boundaries. You can’t be everything to everyone at all times, and people need to respect that you have your own goals that you’re pursuing beyond just being a great mother. So if you’ve set up your study blocks, the rest of your family has to respect that you need your alone time, and you need a quiet place in which you can work uninterrupted.

On top of that, you need to let your spouse, in particular, know that you’ll need his help. You can also get help from other family members, such as your parents. And ask your friends for help whenever you need an extra hand with watching your child. You should never be ashamed of asking for assistance.

Take Care of Yourself

Finally, make sure that you take care of yourself by getting enough sleep (even if you have to take naps during the day), consuming a healthy diet, getting some exercise in throughout the week, and avoiding overworking your body and mind. Pursue hobbies that you enjoy, meditate, take breaks, go to a local spa, get a massage, and find a balance between your responsibilities at school and at home in order to be successful at all of it.

You should find it easier to maintain your happiness and sanity if you follow the tips above as you plan your study around bringing up a child.

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