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PhotoSto 2Raise your hand if you love taking photos… (sorry I stopped typing to raise my hand). Raise your hand if you like organizing the photos you took. Yeah, I thought so. Taking photos is lots of fun; organizing them, not so much. What if someone created an app that let you organize your photos as you took them? Good news, someone already did (two someone’s actually, Mark and Stephanie). It’s called PhotoSto and it’s now available in the Apple App Store.PhotoSto 3

PhotoSto lets you select or create a new album, then take photos. All of the photos you take will atomically be organized into that album! It’s that easy. If you’re going to an event, say your daughter’s birthday party, you can even set a time so only the photos you take during that time will go into that album. How easy is that? All of the photo taking fun, none of the organizing headache. Pretty much a win win!PhotoSto 4

Something else that is great about this app that in addition to helping you organize your pics, Mark and Stephanie (who you met earlier) are passionate about causes that have had a significant impact on millions of lives – breast and pediatric cancer, domestic and neighborhood violence, and education.  They have committed to donate between 30-60% of PhotoSto’s Net Revenue each month to their “Family of Organizations”.  They will also post all downloads and donations on their website each month.  They believe in actual, accurate and real-time transparency. From launch (October 3, 2016), through December 31, 2016, they are committing to donate 60% of PhotoSto’s net revenue from iPhone app sales to not for profit organizations through a myriad of donation agreements, supporter competitions, and other means.  You can register your favorite non-profit organization to receive donations through this website: 5

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Disclaimer: I have teamed up with PhotoSto in support of this campaign. We received compensation for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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