Red Lines That Make Your Dream House A Yes Or A No

When you are looking for a new home, it is important to have a checklist of points that it needs to satisfy. Moving house is a stressful process and, in that light, it is important to find somewhere that is worth it. You know for sure that you want to live somewhere safe and comfortable. What else, though, makes the difference between “nice enough” and “must-have house”? It differs between people.


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Just as you will have your own non-negotiables, and veto points, so will anyone moving with you. It’s fair to have these and to make clear what they are. But there are some basic points which should be considered by everyone before moving in to a new house. They can be considered “red lines”. If the house doesn’t pass muster, you don’t move. It’s as simple as that.

Proximity – Commuting And School Are Paramount

As nice as a house may be, there’s an argument that it just doesn’t matter when it is too far from work or school. To live as a family – or just as a couple, time together during the week is essential. If a new home means that you’ll be commuting from early morning to late evening, it’s not the right house. You’ll come to resent it.

Safety – Your Protection Is Of Ultimate Importance

Absolute safety is an unachievable goal, but you do owe it to yourself and your family to make sure that your risk levels are low. This is important on two levels in particular. Firstly, the house itself needs to be free of hazards – falling and tripping hazards as well as pollutants. The wiring and any gas supply need to be 100% sound too. Any fault is a red line.


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Secondly, it is essential to be sure of the security of the home. If it looks beautiful and has a lovely garden, that’s great. It may also be of interest to burglars and if the house lacks any security features, it’s like an open invitation for them. These need to be ensured before you think of moving. If they aren’t there, look to knock money off the price to cover them.

Neighbors – Find Out What You Can In Advance

Look, it’s hard to say this part without sounding like a snob, but when you move you want to be able to like your neighbors. They don’t need to be people just like you, but you do want them to be easy to get along with. Ask around – not from the people selling the house, as they’re going to be biased. Find out what the street has in store for you. So many people have found, a week or so after they move, that their neighbors are not people they can get along with.
If you find the right house, it could be your home for decades to come. To be sure that you’ll be happy there, you need to do some ground work. You’ll be glad you did, even if it does mean having to rule out homes that seemed perfect. It’s better to be disappointed now than after you’ve closed on the deal.

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