My Top 5 Ways for Using Wet Ones® Hand Wipes this Summer #ad

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Wet Ones® Hand Wipes. The opinions and texts are all mine.

I don’t know about you but so far I’m loving my summer. From watermelons and s’mores to picnics and time on the beach with my family I can’t get enough! And with all that fun I also can’t get enough of Wet Ones® Hand Wipes for all the sandy, sticky and gooey that come with summer! As a Mom I’m sure you can relate that with all that summer fun there is a whole lot of mess, but it’s summer and I don’t want to worry about messes. That’s why I think Wet Ones® Hand Wipes are essential. They are convenient to bring along for every summer adventure and best of all they are easy, individually wrapped hand sanitizing wipes, letting me focus on summer family time instead of worrying about potential spills. Wet Ones® Hand Wipes allow me to control unexpected messes, clean dirt and germs freshen up my skin and give me peace of mind wherever I am.WetOnes

My current favorite Wet Ones® Hand Wipes are the Wet Ones® Fresh Scent singles that I picked up at Walmart. What I love about them is they are individually wrapped and I can stash them everywhere without them being to conspicuous. I try to always keep a stash of these in my purse, beach bag, the car and in our picnic set and I’ve never been disappointed. I would describe Wet Ones® Hand Wipes as versatile, simple, and convenient. As a Mom, they are great for keeping everything, clean and germ free, refreshed, and ready for everything. Here are My Top 5 Ways for Using Wet Ones® Hand Wipes this Summer:

  1. Road Trips: We have lots of road trips planned for this summer. As a family, we love road trips! Singing along with our favorite songs and taking in the scenery, not to mention all of the great conversations we have together. But between eating on the road, snacks, and crayons, boy can that car get messy after a few hours. Last summer my Wet Ones® Hand Wipes saved me! One of the kids left a yellow crayon on the back seat and of course it melted everywhere. I just pulled out my Wet Ones® Hand Wipes and they did an incredible job of cleaning up the mess right on the road!WetOnes 2
  2. Picnics: Picnics are the perfect opportunity to eat out without the expense. We love being outside as a family and so when we went to the National Park last week, we packed ourselves a picnic in our picnic set. I always keep Wet Ones® Hand Wipes singles right in the picnic set so that we have them to wipe off sticky little fingers.Wet One -7
  3. Beach Time: Can’t get enough of it but it can mean sand everywhere! Wet Ones® Hand Wipes are great for coming out of the water and being able to wash off the salt water and sand before digging into the salty chips and other snacks. I also love that my Wet Ones® Antibacterial Wipes kill 99.99% of germs so I can bring out the snacks with confidence.
  4. Camping: We are planning on getting some camping in this summer and Wet Ones® Hand Wipes are a must for camping. They are great for after using that grimy outhouse and for before and after those delicious s’mores and slices of watermelon! They are a convenient 2-in-1 way to wipe out dirt and messes and kill 99.99% of germs when soap and water aren’t readily available and they clean better than hand sanitizers.WetOnes 1
  5. Ice Cream: Summer is all about the ice cream for us. Whether we are at the zoo, the beach, a theme park or the backyard, we love a refreshing ice cream on a sunny day. Wet Ones® Hand Wipes are perfect for before and after that yummy ice cream treat especially those yummy ones on sticks that tend to drip everywhere!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Wet Ones® hand wipes. The opinions and text are all mine.


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