Living Frugally: How to Keep down the Cost of Your Household Chores

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Living frugally doesn’t just stop at your household bills. Sure you may consider meal planning and write lists to reduce your grocery bill. Perhaps compare energy prices with different companies and take advantage of offers. You may move debt to credit cards with a no interest promotion. They’re all great ways you can save money. But how about everything else? It all has a cost. Which is why I thought i would tackle some of the ways you can save on your regular household chores. Let’s hope it adds a few more dollars to your bank balance.

Buy budget brands

I think there are many of us that confused in the cleaning aisle of the food stories. There just seems to be such a huge choice for products stating they do the same thing. Accept all of them have some difference, don’t they? They either have a different fragrance, or claim to combat something better than the next product. The truth is, they all do the same thing. This is where you can spend way too much money. Try the budget brands and watch your savings increase.

Use up what you have

Ever look in your cupboard and find you have lots of bottles for things doing the same thing. Start using them up and clear down the space. You may find you won’t have to buy any cleaning products for weeks even months.

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Research the big investments

The big investments are where you spend much of your household chore budget. Am i wrong? Things like a hoover, mops, steam cleaners. You get the drift. While these can all be essential tools for keeping your home sparkling clean, you still need to keep a frugal head when it comes to the purchase. This is where research online could help you out. You may think one brand is good and never consider another brand which might save you money. You also need to think about the longevity of the product. What you don’t want to do is fork out again when it breaks. Checking out reviews like Miele vs Dyson and other similar articles will be life changing to your budget.

Consider making up your own remedies for cleaning

Ever thought about not buying products at all to do your cleaning? You may think that’s crazy. However, there are many items sat in your cupboards that could do just as good job, if not better. This is where again doing some research online could save you a bundle. You could find a remedy for removing mould off sealant in your bathroom, or a fabulous solution to mopping the floors. It’s surprising how cheap these things are to make. You may never buy a cleaning product again.

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Have a cleaning schedule

Finally, a great way to spread out your household chores is by using a cleaning schedule. Not only does this free up your time but also reduces the amount of products you use each week. Meaning you don’t have to buy so much. Having a clean house is essential for healthy living, but some jobs don’t need to be done as often as they are. Think about the bigger picture What mom doesn’t want an extra five minutes to enjoy a hot beverage?
I hope these tips help you save even more each month.

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