How to Use the Olympics to Encourage Kids to Take Part in Sports


Right now, one of the biggest sporting events of the year is currently underway in Brazil – the Rio 2016 Olympics. With a huge range of different sporting events taking place including swimming, boxing, gymnastics, running, cycling and more, the Olympics is a sporting event that’s widely watched around the world as countries cheer on the teams and individual athletes who are competing under their national flag. Along with this, the Olympics is also a great way to get your kids interested in playing sports. With so many sports on display at the Olympics, it’s a great way to show kids exactly what’s out there for them in the world of sports.

Sporting Opportunities

With so many different sports on display at the Rio 2016 Olympics, it’s a great way for your kids to learn about the wide variety of sporting opportunities available to them. Usually, there are only a select few sports, such as football, baseball and basketball, which get a lot of widespread coverage. However, with the Olympics, there’s the chance for viewers to learn about a whole range of alternative sporting professions that they may never have thought about before. This is especially true for kids, who may not have even known that certain sports existed before watching the Olympics. If your child wants to excel at sports but isn’t sure of a sport to choose, take a look at the list of scholarships available over at


For kids who’ve been previously interested in playing sports and maybe played recreationally but lost interest, the Olympics can provide a massive source of inspiration. The winning ceremonies at the Olympics are quite emotional at times, with the national anthem of the gold medalist’s country playing as the crowd cheers them on. Indeed, for most athletes, a medal at the Olympics is definitely their biggest career aspiration, and for those who win, their proudest achievement. This is apparent when watching the Olympics, where it’s clear to see just how determined the athletes are to do well and how hard they have worked to get to this point.


For many kids, the Olympics can definitely be motivating when it comes to getting good at sports. A child of any age could watch a top athlete at the Olympics and think to themselves that they want to do that when they are older. In fact, many of the athletes who are competing in the Rio 2016 Olympics have said that other Olympians were their biggest source of inspiration and motivation when growing up and practicing their sport. The Olympics goes to show that anybody can become an athlete if they put their mind to it and have the right amount of dedication and determination when it comes to their attitude towards their sport.

With the Rio 2016 Olympics in full swing, it’s the perfect time to try and get your kids more excited about sports – whether simply playing recreationally for exercise and fun, or practicing to be a top athlete one day!

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