Go-To Home Remedies That Work For Common Health Issues

No-one likes getting ill. That’s just obvious. But for many of us, what is worse than falling ill is when it happens to someone we love. Watching them dealing with pain or discomfort is emotionally troubling. Most of us, I’m betting, would rather feel that pain ourselves than them have to go through it. But that’s not possible, so our best option is to help in whatever way we can.

Being ill can range from minor to major, and sometimes the only real option is to go and see a doctor. But there are many ailments that befall all of us from time to time. How you deal with them is for you to decide. We can reach into the medicine cabinet for something designed to take the pain or discomfort away. Alternatively, we can look at home remedies which may be equally (or more) effective and without side-effects.

Stomach Upsets

No-one likes to have a sore stomach, whether it be cramps or a more general uneasy feeling. These symptoms are usually accompanied by either diarrhea or nausea and potentially vomiting. It’s a very unpleasant sensation and often we will reach for pharmaceutical medication. However, these medications can have side-effects including constipation, headaches and drowsiness.

Better than reaching for a tablet, you may find that herbal teas have a more calming effect. Peppermint tea is good for cramps and diarrhea. For nausea, Ginger has a pronounced settling effect, and neither have any real side effects. There are other good solutions on this page.


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Some people can function with a headache, but most cannot. The problem that so many have with them is that a headache hits you right where the important stuff is. It stops you thinking clearly. It can affect your vision and your posture. Everything feels like more of an effort. And while acetaminophen or ibuprofen may clear it, they are harsh on the stomach: bad news if you can’t bring yourself to eat.

To deal with a headache better, it helps to know where it’s coming from. It can happen due to dehydration or low blood sugar, in which case a sandwich and a glass of water will help. Sometimes it is more due to tension. In those cases, a heat pack will relieve the tension and ease the pain. Also, washing your hair has benefits, due to the massaging motion and the hot water having a relaxing effect.

Sore Throat

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We’ve all had a day where we wake up and the mere act of swallowing feels like gargling with rusty nails. If it’s powerful enough, then sometimes you’ve got to go with prescribed cough syrup just for some relief. But for milder cases, or to back up the pharmaceutical solution, honey and lemon really does work.

The citric acid in the lemon breaks up the mucus that is causing the sore throat. The honey has an anti-bacterial effect and also draws water out of inflamed tissue. In combination, the two have been easing sore throats for years and continue to do so.
It should go without saying that for more acute issues, sometimes it is necessary to seek medical attention. We can deal with a lot of minor problems in the home, but if you’re in doubt, ask an expert. Health is too serious an issue to be played around with.

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