Far Away From Your Elderly Parent? Essential Ways To Help Them From A Distance

It can be hard to live far away from your elderly parent when they need your support. You can’t visit them every week, so it’s hard to keep a watchful eye on their health. It can be even more challenging if they now live on their own if one parent passes away. Here are some essential ways to help your elderly parent them from a distance

Call them regularly for updates

It’s so important to call them regularly for updates when you live far away from your parent. If they don’t see other people, they might end up having a fall, and no one will know it’s happened. You should arrange with your parent a time that you will ring them every other day. That way, if they don’t answer when you ring, you know that something isn’t right. By ringing them every day, you can keep on top of any health changes that may be occurring to your parent.

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Talk to your siblings about your parent’s care

You should also talk to your siblings about your parent’s care. You should decide who the main caregiver will be for your parent. They will be the one who will be faced with the decision-making when it comes to your parent. It can be easier to decide who it will be if one of your sibling lives locally and can pop in and see them regularly. You can then ring and check in with them to find out how your parent is. They can inform you if there are any changes to their health. However, if you both live far away, it might be necessary to split the care with your sibling. That way, your parent has one of you checking in on them at least once a week.

Arrange for some home care

You should also arrange for someone to provide home care when you live far away. Your parent might need some persuasion to have a stranger helping them in their home. You could look into a senior companion program. It means that they will receive care from a someone who is not much younger than them. It can make them feel more at ease and comfortable. A carer will ensure your parent is taking care of themselves and the home. You could even arrange for one to live-in with them so that they aren’t alone at all.

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Move them closer to you

You should talk to your elderly parent about moving closer to you so that you don’t have to worry about them being far away. You might not be able to have them live with you, but having them in the same state will ensure you can keep an eye on them.  They might not be prepared to move because they are used to living in the area and have friends nearby their home. But it’s worth bringing up the subject, so that you know if your parent would agree to it.

You could also install home security in your parent’s home. With technology such as video surveillance being available, you can check your parent is okay from your home!

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