Create A Gorgeous Garden For Kids to Sow, Grow And Play

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Imagine a magical garden full of adventure and fun. Somewhere to bounce and swing and play in the sand. A place where you can hide away and play make believe, and plant seeds and watch them grow. Wouldn’t it be great to get the children out in the fresh air and back to nature a bit more? If you have kids that love creativity and imagination games, then why not create a gorgeous garden where they can grow, sow and play?

Sowing And Growing

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Working with children on planting seeds and watching them grow is a great way to teach them new skills in life. They’ll learn things such as patience, nurture and the cycle of life. Create a designated area in your garden for the purpose of growing. Plant things that are easy to grow and exciting to harvest. Consider sunflowers, tomatoes, carrots and marigolds. If you have more than one child, create a flower bed and vegetable patch for each child. Invest in some brightly coloured miniature gardening tools so they each have their own set too. Also, include some pretty flowers that can be pressed and photographed for ongoing projects.

Sand Pit Fun

For the very little ones in your life why not create a designated sand pit and play garden? You can put borders around it so that all their mess is contained. Add lots of soft sand, plastic watering cans, old pots and pans and buckets and spades. Don’t forget to make a lid for the sand pit; else cats will make it their peeing spot. Have a section of grass as well for a soft play area where children can take their teddies and dolls for picnics.

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Swings and Trampolines

Design your garden to include a special area for the children and a quieter relaxing area for the adults. Calling in landscaping services will enable you to create the best design with the space you have, and will guarantee a seamless result. If you are installing a swing, make sure to put soft bark chippings down incase of any falls. A really exciting idea for a children’s garden is to install a sunken trampoline. An in-ground trampoline not only looks more aesthetically pleasing than a regular one but is also safer. It will blend in with your garden and provides hours of bouncing fun. For adults and kids alike! New innovative designs are cost-effective and a superior addition to a kids garden.

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Secret Hideaway

You could also create a secret hideaway in your garden for children to have a special place to enjoy role play, reading and just hanging out. Consider making or investing in a tepee for their own magical bolthole. Fill with blankets and over-sized floor pillows. In the summer they will love to camp out here. And in the winter they can hide from the rain. Make them a ‘no grown-ups allowed’ sign and teach them to take care of this special area themselves.

Most importantly create a garden that can be enjoyed by all. Get your children away from the TV and technology, and introduce them to the beauty of nature.

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