12 Cute Ways To Cheer Up A Tired New Mom

Being a new mom is one of the hardest jobs in the world, especially if it’s your first time doing it. With time and practice, it gets easier, but that doesn’t mean that those first few weeks and months aren’t incredibly testing. The large amount of hormones new moms have surging through their bodies means that they’re even more prone to getting down. It’s hard being a new parent. Babies are hard work, which is why if you’ve got a new mommy friend, it’s important to cheer them up when they’re feeling down. To help you do that, here are 12 cute and quirky ideas:


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Have flowers delivered to her

They say that flowers instantly help to boost your mood. So, a great way to help your new mommy friend feel happier could be to send her a bunch of her favorite blooms. It’s amazing how much brighter a bunch of flowers can make a room look – it could even be enough to put a smile back on her face. If she has allergies to pollen, opt for silk or dried flowers instead – these are just as beautiful and come with the added bonus of lasting forever. There are lots of sites that offer affordable flower bouquets. So even if money is tight, you should be able to surprise her with some of her favorite blooms.

Send her a basket of healthy muffins

There’s something about cake that instantly makes you feel content, which is why sending a new mom muffins could be a great idea. Obviously, being a new mom, she’s probably trying to shed her baby weight. So instead of sending full-fat, sugar-packed muffins, send her a healthier alternative. You could opt to make these yourself, or you could order them online from a baker, depending if you live close by or not. There are lots of bakers who now offer healthy muffins, so you’ll have plenty of choice of what to go for.

Treat her to a mom and baby spa day


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The chances are, your new mommy friend is in need of a pamper. However, she most likely isn’t too keen on leaving her little one just yet, so a mom and baby spa could be the ideal way to cheer her up. She’ll get to have a pamper without having to leave her little bundle of joy at home. You could even opt to go with her, to help her take care of her little one. A pamper and some girl time could be all it takes to put a smile back on her face. There are often deals online for spa days, so take the time to have a browse before booking.

Make her a mommy pamper hamper

To make her time at home more enjoyable, put together a pamper hamper for her. This should be made up of cute little things that will make her time stuck in the house with her little one more enjoyable. A new pair of pajamas, a new dressing gown, and a pair of slippers are all ideal – a lot of new moms spend a lot of time in their PJs. For slippers that are super comfortable, consider getting her German slippers made from boiled wool. As for the dressing gown and pajamas, it’s best to ensure they’re easy to wash, as everyone knows babies make a lot of mess. As well as these things, add some chocolates, scented candles, a bottle of bubble bath, and a bottle of her favorite wine for her to enjoy.

Send her the ingredients for a lovely meal

With a newborn to think about, the chances are she doesn’t get to the store very often. Or, when she does, she has to rush around like a mad woman and doesn’t have time to look around for the things she fancies. So how about cheering her up by having all the ingredients for a lovely meal sent to her – choose something that you know she loves. Whether she’s a lover of steak or loves a good salad, send her everything she needs to make her favorite meal. Oh, and don’t forget to include the ingredients for a start and dessert, and a bottle of wine, of course.

Book her a salon appointment


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New moms have very little time for themselves, meaning that often, they’ll put their grooming on the back burner. The problem with this is that by doing this, they start to feel undesirable and like they’re in a mess, so to speak. This, in turn, can lead to feelings of depression and low self-esteem. So, to put a smile back on your mommy friend’s face, book her an appointment at her local salon and let her have a pamper. So that she doesn’t have to hold her little one while at the salon, offer to babysit for her. Or, if she doesn’t want to leave him or her, go along with her and take care of her little one while she gets her treatments done. She’ll look and feel better for it and will love you for getting it sorted for her.

Hire her a maid

A messy house is an instant mood dampener. If your mommy friend’s house is in a mess, which with a new baby it’s likely to be, she might need a little help. You could always offer to help yourself; however, she may not like that idea. Cleaning can be somewhat personal to some people. So instead, consider hiring her a maid – someone to help her out around the house for a few weeks.

Arrive with chocolate and wine

What better way to put a smile back on a new mom’s face than arriving at her door with chocolate and wine? Pick up a couple of boxes of her favorite chocolates and a bottle of the wine that she likes and pop over to see her for the evening. You could even take a DVD along and spend the evening having a laugh together.

Give her a gift voucher to her favorite store


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One of the most common reasons new moms get depressed is because of their clothing. Often, they’re too slim for their maternity clothes but not slim enough to fit back into their pre-maternity clothes. Leaving them stuck with just a few items of clothing that fit them. To make your mommy friend feel better, buy her a gift card for her favorite store so that she can treat herself to a few new bits and bobs. Having clothes that are stylish and fit well will help to make her feel better, boosting her mood.

Buy her a Netflix subscription

Spending night after night up with a baby that won’t sleep is enough to get anyone down. To help make her nights up with her baby a little more enjoyable, shall we say, get her a subscription to Netflix. That way, while she’s feeding or rocking her little one, she can pop her favorite TV series on. Nighttime TV is often boring, so for new moms, Netflix is a must. There are so many shows she can watch, as well as plenty of movies too.

Tell her she’s doing great

One of the best things you can do to help cheer up a new mom is tell her how well she’s doing. A lot of new parents feel that if their baby isn’t behaving in a certain way, that they’re doing something wrong. This can give them feelings of failure as well as depression. Simply by telling them how we’ll they’re doing, you can help to cheer them up. Share stories about when your own kids were young and just how hard it was. She might feel like she’s all alone, so sharing your own experiences with her might be what it takes to make her see that she’s doing great.

Bring her freezer food


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Freezer food is a new mom’s best friend. It’s easy to get into the habit of eating lots of ready meals and takeaways as there’s just not enough hours in the day to cook healthy, wholesome food. However, eating ready meals and takeaways will take it’s toll, making it even harder for the new mom to shed any baby weight. This can, in turn, add to her depression and make her feel worse about herself. So to cheer her up, give her the gift of freezer food. Make three or four batches of different meals, portion them up into freezer bags and then give them to her. These should be healthy meals that she can eat when there’s no time to cook and that are quick and easy to cook. Give her the gift of freezer food and she’ll love you forever.
Being a new mom is hard work. Raising a tiny little human is no easy task. A lot of new moms feel down when they’re stuck at home all day with their little ones, which is why it’s important to find cute little ways to cheer them up. Sometimes a gift can do it, sometimes all it takes is a shoulder to cry on – it’s about knowing what works for your friend.

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