The Most Common Mistakes People Make With Gardening

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To many people, their gardens are their pride and joy. But we all can sometimes struggle with getting everything right, and new plants that die back are a frustrating and upsetting sight. Here are a few mistakes to avoid if you want to get the best out of your outdoor spaces:

Focusing On Just Flowers

While most plants and shrubs are purchased for their stunning blooms, sometimes these can only last a few weeks of the year. You need to remember how they will look during the rest of the time as well. Look at plants with strong foliage and structure to fill out spaces after the flowers have died back. Some plants have leaves as beautiful as the flowers were!

Ignoring The Pot Labels

When you purchase a new plant, it is important that you read the label and advice that comes with it. All plants need different levels of care and attention; with some requiring regular watering and pruning, and others a shady spot to be left. Make sure you are fulfilling everything’s different needs to keep them all looking their best.

Not Keeping Trees Under Control

Keeping the hedges and trees in your garden neat and tidy can have an enormous impact on how everything looks. Even with more relaxed flowers and planting, trees must be cared for and kept under control. If it is too big a job for you to manage, call in the experts to help with tree lopping and trimming.

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Planting The Same Vegetables In The Same Spot

It’s easy to designate certain areas of the garden to specific plants and uses. But, repeatedly growing the same vegetable in the same spot can cause problems. Pests and diseases can develop in the area, meaning your vegetables will be infected each year. The soil also needs time to replenish its nutritious quality, so crop rotation will allow it to have a break and refresh itself.

Incorrect Pruning

Pruning back plants is vital for their health and well-being, but make sure you are trimming them at the right time. Some plants grow flowers and blooms on old growth, so cutting back ‘dead’ parts may mean you get no new buds in the Spring. Do your research, and create a pruning calendar to avoid painful mistakes.

Planting In The Wrong Season

Growing plants from seeds, and purchasing new stocks, can be exciting. You may be eager to get them into your garden as soon as possible, but planting at the wrong time can kill them off. Check when is best to do it online or ask a garden assistant. Planting tender plants out too soon can kill them off, so keep them protected until the hard frosts are over.

Trying To Do It Yourself

Even the experts need to check in sometimes. Try not to get on with too much work without doing the proper research and planning beforehand. Browse online, read books and ask advice at garden centres. A little bit of forward thinking can save a lot of heartache further down the line.

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