Give Your Home A More Contemporary Feel With This Helpful Guide

When it comes to decorating our homes and outside space, it comes down to personal taste. Some of us like bright colors, while others stick with pastel and neutral tones. Many of us like our homes to feel cosy and warm, while others love the minimalist approach. While it can be down to taste, I think many of us strive to achieve a contemporary look in our homes. Modern living is becoming more popular. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you a quick guide to giving your home a more contemporary feel. I hope it inspires you to add some different touches to your home.

Make the garden low maintenance and modern

Not all of us are naturally gifted when it comes to gardening and designing an outside space. We either love it or hate it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get the most out of your garden. Making it a more low maintenance place with a modern touch can continue a contemporary look from the inside out. This is where thinking about using colorbond fencing could be a great way to design your garden. You may also want to consider things like artificial grass, or create an entertaining space. This could fill your outside space with decked areas and patios. Making it a much more special space to utilise. Which exudes a modern day living approach.

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Add metal finishes to the styling of the home decor

A contemporary design means using little details. Adding metal touches to your styling is one way to achieve the look. Brushed aluminium light fittings, copper accessories. They can all add to the contemporary feel you want to achieve. There is a fine line of getting this look right. You don’t want to over do it. Another great tip would be to stick with a metal color. Mixing them could create confusion in your design. So copper tones work well in a kitchen, whereas gold tones could make a living space feel more indulgent.

Get as much natural light into each room

Contemporary and modern living means getting as much natural light into your property. If you are not afraid of some work, you may want to add doors to an outside space instead of the window. If you only have what you have to work then consider opening up the windows, This might mean removing curtains or opening up blinds. Perhaps having them fitted in a different way. There are some great tips online for bringing more light into a room. The decor colors have a lot to do with this as well, so try and stick with lighter shades. A neutral and clean shade on the walls will aid to the light in the room.

Keep your home and garden clutter free

Finally, while you don’t have to be completely minimalist, a clutter free approach is key to pulling off this design. Both inside and out. This means keeping your rooms organised and clean. Having storage options for some of those things that may look like clutter would be a great solution here.
I hope this guide helps you create a more contemporary feel in your home.

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