Free Summer Jar Printables

summerjarsCreate these fun summer jars with your children. Three possibilities to create:

  • Summer Memories:  Cut up strips of paper and add memories to them throughout your summer.  After the summer is done, you have a jar full of memories! You could keep the jar as is or add the strips to a scrapbook.
  • Summer Kindness:  This one could be done several ways- you could cut up strips like the memories one and have kids write up when they do something kind for someone else.  You could also have cotton balls or fuzzy balls and for each time someone is caught doing something kind, a ball is added to the jar.  When the jar is filled up, you can go or do something fun together as a family.
  • Summer Reading:  This is to encourage kids to detach from the electronics and get reading.  Another one that could be done several ways – cut up strips of paper and write some books you want to read, then pull them out one by one and read them.  Or have the fuzzy balls and add them to the jar for each book that is read.

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