Back to School Organization with Free Printables and Post-It Notes

As a mom we often have a variety of tools and resources  that help us to organize our families.  One of those tools I have used over the years to organize  my mom world are Post-it Notes.  Actually if there was such a things as Post-it note addiction I would definitely be diagnosed with it.homework

As a new school year is fast approaching in our home, I have been looking for new ways to help my children organize their school world so they can stay on top of their school assignments and activities. So, naturally I began seeking out ways Post-it notes could be a resource to help them with their organization.

After some searching I came across a few great Post-it Note ideas and Freebie printables from The Idea Room that will help to make my children’s school year an academic success.

The first idea is to use The Idea Room free Homework printable and 3×3 Post-it notes to keep track of  homewtabsork assignments.  Click here for free printables and how to details.

The next idea is to show my children how to use the 1/2 inch Post-It® Flags to mark the  important and need to remember information they will need to re-study for upcoming tests.

My children juts might become addicted to Post-it notes the same way their mother is.

Click here for additional ideas using Post-it notes for school work organization and free printables from The Idea Room



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