Let Him Know He’s Special with a Handwritten Father’s Day Poem


Father’s Day is almost here! This Father’s Day, why not show dads how much they’re loved with a creative and thoughtful handwritten poem from the kids! The majority of the cards and notes I’ve kept over the years have been the handwritten ones from the heart and their is nothing like preserving a little part of the stage your child is in life in their handwriting. He’ll love it, trust me. And not only are handwritten notes the most thoughtful gift out there, but they can have benefits for the writer too! PIMG_3512retty cool, huh?

According to experts on educational psychology, handwriting instruction benefits students’ cognitive development as well as motor functioning, such as ideation, spelling, grammar and punctuation. Improving these skill sets can spark educational growth and personal accomplishments. Who doesn’t want that for their kids, right?

Whether it is a limerick, rhyme or haiku, the effort and written sentiment will make dad feel special too. All you need is a little time, a BIC pen or pencil and maybe a little help from a rhyming dictionary (even the best poets need a little help sometimes!)

Happy Early Father’s Day!

Learn more about the benefits of handwriting at BICFightForYourWrite.com.

Here’s some fun writing tools from BIC to help you get them going!


All New BIC® XTRA-Fun #2 Pencils with Stripes

The latest #2 pencils from BIC now come in a variety of bright, two-toned color barrels with stripes! Features:  Eight color combinations designed to make handwriting fun! #2 pencils with ultra-solid, break-resistant leads that are perfect for test-taking and other school activities; durable, long-lasting, latex-free erasers; and PMA certified non-toxic. Suggested retail price: 8-pack: $2.99; 18-pack: $6.99

BIC® Cristal® Xtra Precision Ball Pen

Combining modernity with nostalgia, BIC has launched the iconic Cristal pen with vibrant two-toned caps! Features: Delivers precise lines for neat writing; eight ink colors for a fun and colorful writing experience: black, blue, red, green, purple, pink, lime green and turquoise; and colorful, two-toned caps with clips that correspond to the ink color inside. Suggested retail price: 8-pack: $2.29

Disclaimer: I have teamed up with BIC in support of this campaign. We received compensation for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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