Keeping Children Out Of Harms Way During Home Improvements

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We all love our homes and investing in renovation or improvements around the house is something we all take on at some point.

However, when you share your home with kids, home improvements can become a nightmare. Keeping them out of harm’s way is the priority. With some careful planning, you can make it a stress-free experience. Well, nearly!

Having some idea of how long the work will take is helpful and will allow you to plan. Always add a few days to the schedule. The unexpected will always happen. If your windows have cracked, you’ll need to fix them. If your driveway is damaged, fixing it will protect your family from slips and trips; asphalt repairs by North Shore Paving can help with this.

If the children are of school age, then don’t plan for the work to be carried out in holiday time! Ensure that on their arrival home, they have a safe, mess-free place to enjoy their evening. This is also important for you! They will be old enough to explain what is happening so find time for this. Remember kids of all ages will be curious. So, if an interesting gadget or piece of equipment has arrived in the home, let them have a look and answer their questions.

There may be some days when they can visit friends or family after school. This keeps them away from the mess and muddle caused by the work. You can always return the favor at another time. If any work tools or equipment cannot be stored away at the end of the working day, then show the children where they are and explain the dangers.

For toddlers, this can be trickier. Asking friends and family to help out can be a short-term solution. You may want to look at daycare as a practical short term option. But keeping them out of harm’s way at home can be a full-time job and will require some careful planning. Being one step ahead of an inquisitive little person is a challenge, so be vigilant. Tools and equipment always out of reach when they are not in use. Identify, before the work begins, inaccessible places for them to be stored. For other options, you could check out check out KLA Schools for some great daycare options. 

Giving them a safe, clutter-free place to play is important. Somewhere you can keep an eye on them and ensure they don’t wander.

Home improvements result in routines being disrupted. If the work is being carried out by someone else, then try and continue with the little one’s routine. Try and keep meals and nap time on a schedule. The drilling, hammering or sawing can be halted for half an hour! If the day is fine, then a walk to the park or to visit a friend can be a good idea.

If you are doing the work yourself, then draw up a timetable that allows for the routine day to be continued. It may mean the job takes longer but keeping kids safe and secure comes first.

When the job is finally finished, you will have the satisfaction of a job well done!

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