Pests And Rodents: Getting Rid Of Them The Easy Way

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No wants to find they have a family of rodents or pests hiding somewhere in their house. They can cause our homes to be unhygienic, and they can also be dangerous to young children. But what happens if you come home one day and find these unwanted house guests? There are plenty of ways to get rid of them for good. Here are some steps you need to take to get rid of them the easy way.

Store Food Properly

Food is a big attraction for the likes of rats, cockroaches, and insects. So get rid of their free meal by storing food correctly. Don’t leave any leftovers out on your kitchen worktops, especially in the summer. If you need to leave something to cool down, try and keep an eye on it or cover it with a mesh cover. This way it can cool down without being nibbled on by pests! Fresh fruits and vegetables and opened packets of foods should be stored out of sight. Put anything fresh in your refrigerator. Things like opened packets of chips or cookies can be kept in tins which can be stored in cupboard. It is also a good idea to check your cupboard doors. If there is a slight gap in them, a pest or rodent may be able to squeeze their way in.

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Clean Your Home Thoroughly

As soon as you find pests or rodents, you need to give your house a thorough cleaning. Move large furniture and appliances so you can get behind them. No space should go uncleaned! It is important not to forget about the spaces we rarely use, such as basements and attics. As we don’t go in them so much, they are the perfect spot for rodents to hang out in. So basement and attic cleaning can go a long way in the battle against pests. And don’t just stop cleaning once you have gotten rid of your infestation. Be sure to clean your kitchen on a daily basis to prevent any more animals coming back. If you spill some food on the floor, clean it up straight away, so it doesn’t attract any creatures.

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Check For Leaks

An infestation of rodents or pests can be a sign that your pipes are leaking somewhere in your home. Creatures will need a source of water to survive, and a leaky pipe provides them with just that. Once you notice you have a pest or rodent problem, check under your sinks in your bathroom and kitchen. Even the smallest drip from a pipe can be enough water to keep a small family of creatures alive. If it is just a leaky pipe, you should be able to tighten it up yourself. Make sure you clean up any small puddles that have formed. However, if there is a bigger plumbing issue, it can be best to call out a professional plumber to sort things out for you.

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Put Down Traps Or Bait

Traps and bait are a great way of getting rid of rodents and pests. The only downside is that it might not fix your problem long term. But it is a good way to get it all under control until a professional residential pest control company comes to take care of things. Rodent bait often isn’t suitable for use in homes with small children, as it can be poisonous. So many families prefer to use traps. Traps can get high results in a small population of rats. It also makes it easier to dispose of dead rats as you know where they will be. With bait and poison, the rats could die anywhere around your home, and you will have to go searching for them.

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Get A Pet

It might sound cliched, but it actually works – get a pet to scare off rodents and pests! Cats are known for being good mice and rat catchers. If you have one in your home, it will put the little critters off from entering your house. Dogs are also a good deterrent, and some are very effective when it comes to catching rats. If you are looking for a dog that can catch rats and mice, pick a terrier. These small, robust dogs have been specially bred for rat catching. They will chase after small vermin in your garden and even dig holes to get rats and mice!

So don’t despair if you ever find vermin in your home. Just follow these steps and you will find it easy to get rid of them!

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  1. Thanks you for sharing such great tips.

    Ensuring that your house is clean and storing foodstuffs in a tightly locked areas can help starve the rodents and they will eventually move to other places. When using traps and pest repellers, it’s also good to ensure that you have used the most humane method to remove them.
    The removal method should also be safe to both pets and kids.

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