Top Items You Should Not Get Second Hand For Your Baby!


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A lot of the time we are looking for the best deals when buying stuff for our baby. After all, it’s a very expensive and stressful time when you need to buy essential items for your little one. So a lot of people decide to get a second-hand item for their new baby. And this can be ideal for clothes and toys. They don’t get old, and you get so many as baby shower gifts or even when the baby arrives. You don’t often get a chance to use them before they have grown out of it. Therefore, people will pass them on to you as they never used it with their newborn. However, there are some items you should always buy brand new for your baby.



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One of the first things people choose after they get told they are having a baby is a pushchair. After all, you need to take your child from A to B. However, if someone suggests you use their old one, you should consider declining this offer. For a start, it’s nice for your baby to have something that is unique to them, and you may not actually like the style they have. Also, if it’s been used a lot, the wheels might not be as strong as they could be. Therefore, you could end up getting stuck when you’re walking around which will be very frustrating. Second-hand ones might not be up to scratch when it comes to safety. Top priority is making sure your baby is secure and safe. Ask to see the second hand one, and then take a look at some brand new ones before making a final decision.



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Another item which you should not accept second hand is the baby’s crib. You should ask to see it first before making a decision. If it’s an older style, it won’t be as safe for your newborn. As discussed here, it has likely been assembled and disassembled several times meaning there could be parts missing! You should check the quality before deciding to go ahead with the second hand choice. Also, it might not match the rest of your nursery furniture. A lot of people now buy the crib, dresser and changing unit at the same time as a special deal.

Bed sheets and mattress


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You should rethink before agreeing to take some bed sheets and mattress of someone for your baby’s crib. It’s so imperative that your child is nice and comfortable when they are sleeping. If it’s a second-hand mattress, you do not know what kind of bacteria might be hiding in there which could make your baby poorly. Also, there has been research which shows there is a link between older mattresses and cot death. It has been suggested it’s due to the bacteria hiding in there. The mattress also needs to be firm to support the baby’s neck and back. If it’s older, it could lose its shape and therefore not protect the baby. The bed sheets should be new to be more sanitary. You don’t know what has been on second-hand ones which could harm your baby.

Car Seat


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Another very important item you should buy brand new rather than a second hand is a car seat for your baby. If it’s older, you don’t know if it was made with the same safety requirements as you can get from a new one. Also, over time, they may become not as secure for your little one. It’s recommended you only keep them for a short amount of time. Do not get a second hand one from a shop that’s faulty. It’s so important to keep your baby safe, just in case of a crash in the car. Before you get a car seat, you can read online Baby car Seat Reviews to make sure it’s the right one for your newborn.

Breast pump


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If you decide to breastfeed your newborn baby, you should use a breast pump to express the milk when you’re out.  If someone offers their second hand one, it should be a no. Although we’re sure they have kindly washed the outside of it, the inside could be hiding secret bacteria. As this article says, there could even be mold hiding inside which will be harmful to your baby. Try and find good deals on new ones.

As much as it’s good to save money when you are expecting a baby, the newborn’s safety should be the top priority. Decline their kind offer and ask them for guidance and help when the baby comes instead!

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