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We’ve all heard the common business phrase: “you’ve got to spend some to make some” before, right? But haven’t you ever asked yourself, “what exactly are we supposed to be spending our money on?” Well, this one’s for all those 24/7 moms that are juggling life AND a small business on the side. Let me begin by saying that: I take my hat off to you ladies. Running a business on top of running a family is no joke. It’s not easy, and I’m sure you can always use all the help you can get. So with that being said, I want to inform you about a simple way you could really give your business a BIG boost when it comes to expanding its marketing reach and getting your brand or name in the hands of many people and potential clients. If you really want to improve your business, then consider the saas sales software to really attract more customers.

Have you ever heard of promotional products? Yup! They’re a proven and cost effective way of marketing your business to large audiences while doing minimal work. Sounds pretty efficient, doesn’t it!? If you’re a true 24 hours a day, 7 days a week mom, and you run a small business on the side: efficient, minimal work and cost effective are probably words that excite you; at least they do to me.

Now, before we move forward, let’s get one thing clear up: not all promotional products work well, there are only quite a few that are tried and true. One of them in particular, that I want to bring to your attention, are USB flash drives. Believe it or not! And yes, you can even order wholesale flash drives in bulk at low costs! I can only imagine you might be asking yourself, “how could USBs help market my business?” Granted, it’s a fair question. But, these aren’t just any regular old flash drives though. They’re customized, made personal to re-present you, your business and your brand.

Unlike the popular business card, custom USB flash drives do a WAY better job at opening lines of communication and they stick around for a very long time! Ever had a pop-up stand at a convention or event? For those of you who have, I’m pretty sure you’ve had plenty of curious people stop by your booth and leave empty handed. You might have even made a great connection with a few of them, but they still leave empty handed! If only there was a way to have them stop by, leave with either the product you’re selling or leave with something that will have them remembering you and your business long after they’re gone. To be honest, I’ve found that business cards don’t get the job done. That’s why personalized flash drives are the go-to choice for many and is something you should really consider.

Right now, flash memory is more affordable than ever. You could even save time, money, and resources by uploading your presentation or product catalog onto a custom printed flash drive. No need to invest in print material or brochures. This is great when you have a lot to say and can’t fit it all in a 4 x 2 inch card. Your prospects will also continue utilizing their free flash drives long after the event is over; advertising your brand every time they use it. You also don’t really have to worry about them being thrown away right after you hand it to them.

Usually the most anyone would do with your USB is re-gift it. Just the thought of someone passing on a personal, well-thought-out gift to someone else generally promotes blood boiling anger but that’s not the case with a promotional product! If your personalized flash drive is being passed along, you should be delighted because the more it’s passed along, the greater total audience sees it and the smaller your cost per impression is. It’s incredibly effective advertising!

When you think about it, the number of impressions with traditional advertising – whether it be TV ads, internet ads or even paper ads – stops once the ad stops running. You’re flash drives will never stop collecting impressions because they’ll be in constant use. USBs are simple but useful. They can easily be used in everyday life which makes them susceptible to long term exposure.

If you run a side photography business, why not start delivering pictures and memories through your very own personalized USB flash drives? In any business, delivery is everything. How does it look, what does it say, how does it say it? Take the time to create something that not only answers these questions for the experience of your clients, but for your own personal business development as well. Your clients will associate their beautifully captured memories with you and your brand. It really adds so much more personality to you and your business and helps in promoting a favorable image.

If you’re new to the whole idea about promotional products, I understand you might be a little hesitant. Truth is, there are many ways to get your company logo or brand out into the public view; some much more expensive than others. But, I’ve found that using promotional flash drives is one of the lesser expensive, more effective ways you can get your name into the hands of many.

I mentioned only a few examples of how custom flash drives could really help make a difference for your business, but there are so much more! If you’ve been looking into stepping up your promotional game for your business, getting your very own custom flash drives would be a great start. USB Memory Direct is a great company that can help you out with that too! Bulk orders (minimum 50 drives) of their most popular flash drive, the SWM, start at $260 for 8GBs and $350 for 16GBs. They make it easy and effortless for you to create your branded flash drives, and their amazing customer service is sure to make your experience with them hassle free.

We’ve all heard the common business phrase: “you’ve got to spend some to make some” before. Well, here’s something worth looking into. Custom USB flash drives are an extremely effective and efficient form of advertising and they can do wonders for your business. Confidently hand them out knowing you and your business will be seen and remembered.

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Disclaimer: I have teamed up with USB Memory Direct in support of this campaign. We received compensation for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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