MOM Tip: How To Freeze Pineapple

freeze-pineapple-225x300MOM Tip: Did you know you can freeze pineapple? Now you can stock up when it’s on sale. Here’s how to freeze:

Select a ripe pineapple, preferably one that you can actually smell the sweetness when the fruit is whole.

Cut the top, bottom and peel off. I used a standard chef’s knife.

Cut the core out of the pineapple and cut into slices and then chunks.

Place the chunks on a dry cookie sheet and put in the freezer for the better part of a day.

Once frozen, use a spatula to release the frozen pineapple from the cookie sheet and store in Freezer Bags or containers. Make sure to label your bag with the date of the freeze. The fruit should last at least 6 months.

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