Credit Repair Services Are Good, But Can You Trust Them?

One of the best ways to repair your credit score is to hire a credit repair firm for their experience and expertise. If you choose wisely, they will transform your score and your finances. However, they can have the opposite effect if you choose poorly. Unfortunately, there are some firms in the industry that will look to take your money. Obviously, you want to avoid them at all costs, and the best way is to go with on that you trust. But, what inspires trust in a credit repair company?

Not Guaranteeing Results

This sounds like something you would want a firm to guarantee, but they can’t guarantee results. They might know that the chances of it working are very high because of their experience. But, that doesn’t mean their methods have a one hundred percent hit rate. Any company that tells you they will get results is one you should avoid. Instead, go for the one that is optimistically cautious about the long-term goals.

They Let You Have Control

Again, this is a little confusing because they are the experts. But, they are only there to offer their help and advice. They aren’t there to tell you what you have to do and how long for. Firms that do are trying to prolong your service so that they can milk you dry. A trustworthy firm gives you all of the variables and lets you decide which option is best. Then, they stand back and pull the strings for the best results.

A Good Reputation

Lexington Law has a very good reputation, but that isn’t enough for you to sign on the dotted line. That would be irresponsible to say the least. You have to fact check their reputation if you want to make sure it is indeed as good as they say. Only when you have the data in your hand can you be sure they are trustworthy. In that case, you can read a review which details their skills and credentials. Most of these reviews are unbiased, which make them trustworthy, and they are from past customers. You can trust them if the review says good things. Make sure you read a variety of them before you come to a final decision.

If Everything Is In Writing

When you sign an agreement, make sure you get a copy. Your copy acts as proof of your agreement and is essential in any disputes. Cowboy firms will opt for an oral agreement because they are harder to codify, but you should know better. Always get it down in writing along with two signatures from employees that are dealing with the case. Then, you should have no problems if things escalate out of your control.

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Don’t Make You Pay In Advance

Paying in advance is a bad sign because you have zero leverage. They could take your money and disappear without warning. A decent outfit will come to a compromise like half now and the other half on completion. That way, you both have a reason to stick to the original agreement.

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