7 Things to Stick on Your Fridge Door


Fridges are a pretty useful appliance and most family kitchens have one. They keep our food cold, whatever the weather, and if you are lucky, they also provide a constant source of ice for your drinks. But another thing fridges do is act as a convenient surface to stick things on. Fridges are made from metal, so anything magnetic sticks to them. This is great if you have kids, because it is like having a super large memo board in full view of everyone. Not surprisingly, it comes in handy, so if you have yet to make use of your fridge door, here are seven things you can stick on there.

Magnetic Alphabet

Magnetic alphabet shapes are a fun way to teach your kids simple words. Use the alphabet shapes to spell out anything you like. Children can move them around on the fridge door and make simple sentences. They are great fun when your kids are first learning to read. You can turn it into a game!

A Grocery List

Stick a magnetic memo pad on the fridge door and use this to write down grocery items when they need replacing. Because it is within easy reach, you are less likely to forget to write things down. Then, when you go shopping, you can take your list with you so you don’t forget to pick up the tomato ketchup or anything else the kids can’t do without.

Important Telephone Numbers

There are some telephone numbers that we don’t use all that often, but are nevertheless rather important. An example of this is the Sky contact number. If your Sky box stops working, this is the number to call, but it isn’t a number you would keep stored in your mobile phone. Instead, keep a note of these numbers and stick them to your fridge door, so you don’t have to search online at an inconvenient moment.

Dates for the Diary

Do you have a habit of forgetting important dates? Write them down and stick them to your fridge door. Every time you open the fridge to get the milk out, it will jog your memory.


Kids spend hours creating impressive works of art at nursery and school. Instead of leaving them piled up in a corner of the kitchen, have a ‘Picture of the Week’ area on your fridge door. Choose the best picture and give it pride of place on your fridge, so everyone can see it.

The Before Shot

If you are on a diet, dig out a deeply unflattering photo of yourself and fix it on the fridge. Whenever you are tempted to go looking for calorific snacks in the fridge, that photo will shame you into reaching for a piece of fruit instead.


Do your friends and family send you postcards from exotic locations? Stick them on the fridge to remind yourself you really must book a holiday soon.

Don’t forget to buy a few cute fridge magnets to add to the collection. The cheesier the better!

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