Step By Step Guide to Learning a Musical Instrument

Let’s get one thing clear right now, musical instruments are cool. Being able to play an instrument shows you have talent and creativity, and makes you a hit with the ladies! Everyone knows that playing guitar is good for you and can improve your brain function. But, before you’re in a position to be playing anything like a rock star you need to learn your instrument.

This is a little like learning to drive – when you start out it’s so hard, you think it’s not possible. But one day everything clicks into place, and you’re able to do all those things you struggled with last time. So, take a look at this guide to helping you learn a musical instrument, and use it to become an expert!

Choose an Instrument

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First things first you need to make a decision about the sort of instrument you’d like to learn. Head to to see what kinds of choices you might want to make. There is so much choice these days including piano, guitar, saxophone, and even drums! But the best thing to do would be to choose something practical. You want an instrument you can easily transport or carry around with you. Something like a violin or a guitar would be the perfect choices rather than a piano!

Take Lessons

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Once you’ve settled on an instrument, you need to think about taking lessons. The idea is to progress and become proficient at your instrument. And the only way to achieve this is by making sure you do what you can to take lessons. Now, there will most likely be tutors or instructors local to you who can make house calls or vice versa. Take as many lessons as you feel you need to learn and get to the level you want to be at.

Teach Yourself

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As well as (or instead of) taking lessons you could also teach yourself. Listen to songs, visit to search for sheet music and make sure you understand what it means. Teaching yourself is always a great idea because you can learn at your own pace. And you can focus on the areas that interest you. Developing your interest and ability independently is always better than learning through lessons. Maybe you could take lessons to learn the basics before branching out on your own?

Start Writing Songs

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After a while, you should reach a point where you’re proficient enough to write your own songs. This is a great place to be in because it’s new and exciting. Songs are an excellent way to channel emotions and creativity. And, you never know, you might find you have a talent for it which could progress to other things.

Join a Band

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The pinnacle of learning an instrument is that point when you join a band. Everything up until then has been practice for this moment. You need to make sure find like-minded people with similar musical tastes to you. You could join an existing band, or you might form one from scratch. Being in a band is something all guys should try out in their lives at some point.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should take up a musical instrument. You also need to make sure you do what you can to learn your craft. This will open a lot of doors for you as well as providing a fun and creative hobby.

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