Energy Saving Tips for the Spring and Summer Season

That time of year is almost upon us. Barbecue’s, water fights and the kids plugging electric fans into every corner of the house. It can become a nightmare for your energy bill!

Luckily, there are several nifty tips you can try out, to reduce the financial load but still have an enjoyable time in the sun. If you’re a parent struggling to make ends meet, or just desire some more energy saving info, look no further.

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Replace Air-Con Filters

That air conditioning system of yours is great. It keeps you and the house cool, with minimal effort on your part. Unfortunately, it’s could also be contributing to a mammoth energy bill. Unclean filters can restrict airflow, making the system run longer and consume more energy. Replacing them with fresh ones, even just monthly, can help keep the temperature down and save cash. Win/win!

Line Dry Your Clothes

The best thing about this time of year is that you can use the weather to your advantage. Most of the time, it’ll be boiling, so plan ahead. Hang garments out on the line and avoid that electric dryer, which can prove costly if you go through a lot of clothes. Line drying is free, easy and fast, especially in the sun.

Get A Local Energy Supplier

In summer, it can be tricky to get that balance between a cool house and a reasonable energy bill. This can come down to your house not being well maintained, or it could be the fault of your surroundings. You may not be able to plan for every eventuality.

Speak with a provider that knows your area, that knows other houses in your area, and can outfit your property accordingly. For example, those based in Ohio, New Jersey or Illinois should consider Palmco. You may think you know your house, but there’s always room for improvement!

Use That Microwave!

In the middle of summer, it’s unlikely you’ll want to prepare a hot, oven-cooked meal. Instead, microwave your food where possible. It will be ready quicker, and will consume two-thirds less energy than your stove. If you’re worried about microwave cleanliness, there’s a way around this too — just check out our handy guide!

Install A House-Wide Fan

Quite possibly the best long-term investment you can make for the summer season, a whole house fan is useful for many reasons. One, it’s permanently installed in the attic, meaning you won’t have to worry about it once it’s there. Two, it will draw cool air into the house, and push warm air out the attic vents — heat rises, so it’s likely the attic will be your top source of warmth. While they aren’t cheap, whole-house fans can save you from plugging in those electric fans year after year.

So, all being well, you’re now set for the next few months! Be sure to keep an eye on that thermostat, and help yourself keep that energy bill down!

How else can you cut energy usage over spring/summer? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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