Take the Sting Out of Your Bug Bites with These Natural Remedies

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If you’ve ever been bitten by a bug of any kind (excluding the love bug), you’ll know all too well how irritating it can be. Brace yourself for a long bout of furious itching and mild annoyance. That doesn’t sound like such a good time, does it?

So, I bet you wish there were a couple of natural home remedies you could reach for in a time of need such as this. As luck would have it, there is, and we’re going to document some of the most effective methods for your relief and comfort. Forget an unnecessary trip to the pharmacy. Try these on for size first, and you may be pleasantly surprised. You’re welcome.

Citric Acid

The naturally occurring acid found in lemons and limes contain massive antibacterial properties. Of course, you may run into some problems if you suffer from sensitive skin. The harsh genetic makeup of citrus juice could cause you some further irritation, so proceed with caution.


You may be more familiar with honey as a natural sweetening substitute for sugar, but it’s also a great anti-inflammatory. There are plenty of dermatologists that agree that honey could be just the ticket for taking the intensity out of your itch. At least, as long as you can bear to have sticky skin.

Essential Oils

We’ve long been convinced of the benefits of essential oils for your hair and skin. They’ve become something of a staple of our bathing habits over the last few decades. They’re filled to the brim with natural formulas that keep us looking young and fresh. Not to mention a proven form of stress relief.

But, did you know, that they’re also pretty effective at soothing the irritation from bug bites? Tea tree oil, in particular, has fantastic antibacterial properties that take the sting out of your war wounds. The natural oils found in woody herbs are also known to ward off or kill bed bugs and fleas, so there’s another upside.


By now, you’ve probably found yourself reaching for a cold compress at least once in your life. Ice is a fantastic anti-inflammatory, for starters, but it could have other benefits for treating nasty bites. The cold sensation will not only take the sting out of your skin, but also halt your body’s natural histamine production. That’s cutting the itch off right at its source. Clever, huh?


The healing properties in menthol works in much the same way as essential oils. You can pick up some peppermint oil if you’d prefer, but you can also make use of things you have lying around your home. Or, more specifically, your bathroom, where toothpaste could be right on the money.
We’ve known about the healing properties of toothpaste for a while, and its use with cold sores, in particular, are well documented. However, toothpaste is also great with bites as it hits them with double action. First, the cooling sensation will trick your brain into forgetting about the itchiness. Secondly, the chemical compound will also help reduce swelling. Pretty great all around, if you ask me.

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