Simple Fitness Tips For Every Mom

Family life can be busy. As Mom, you take on more responsibility than most. From being the family alarm clock to making sure everyone gets out of the door with clean clothes and lunches, you are on the go from first thing. Many Moms have their own jobs as well as dealing with the day to day running of the house. Little wonder our fitness comes way down on the list. Here a few ideas to get your fitness back on track.

Make your fitness routine

The easiest way to keep fit is to make it a habit. It can take few weeks to get into a new habit. So, you’ll need to push yourself to establish a routine. Make a plan of your day. Write down the hours and every activity that you do. Include down time and TV! The chances are that you could squeeze in at least fifteen minutes, say twice a day. This is your new fitness time. How you use it, of course, is up to you. Establish a time zone that you will be on the mat or involved with aerobic activity, such as Pilates, Yoga or even Zumba. These can all be done at home with an instructional DVD or with online personal training.

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Get an encouraging fitness buddy

Getting into a fitness routine is always easier if you have a buddy. Especially if you have one who will do the bullying on the days when you don’t feel like it! Almost any activity is better with two! And walking or running are just two of them.

A great way to keep motivated is to take yourself seriously. That means investing in a little gear that will help you physically but will also give you a real sense of purpose. You can walk in jeans, but putting on a good pair of sports pants and top raises the game a little. The same applies to the right footwear. Invest in the best walking shoes for women. They will look after your feet and make you feel more comfortable. As you will be going out on a daily basis, it pays to buy professional footwear.

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As you stick to your regime, you will find yourself feeling invigorated and energised. You’ll have a glow and even a twinkle in your eye. Gradually start to increase your distance and even the speed at which you are walking. Walking is one of the best all round methods of keeping fit. It will keep your joints mobile, increase muscle tone and does wonders for your heart

Build fitness into Family Life

If you have kids, the chances are they’ll have bikes. Where do you keep yours? Seriously, get into biking. It is a brilliant non-impact way to get good muscle tone and keep your heart working healthily. Getting a bike could mean that you go out as a family to a local park and ride a trail for an hour or two. It will also mean some real fun quality time with the kids. It’s easy to fit a bike rack onto the back of a car.

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Swimming is another activity that can boost your fitness levels. If you are taking the kids swimming each week then why not join in? Get into the pool and do some lengths. The kids will love that you are joining in, and you’ll have some fun time afterwards.

There are heaps of simple ways to build some fitness time into your busy life. Make today the day you start to focus on your fitness while doing all the other things that you do so well.

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