How to Choose Child Friendly Outdoor Furniture

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Incorporating outdoor furniture throughout your backyard space is one way to really spruce up the exterior of your home and add value to it. The outdoor furniture that you choose should be attractive and functional, and it should work perfectly for your entire family, as well as your guests.

However, if you have children, you also need to consider whether or not your outdoor furniture is child friendly. To learn more about how to choose the very best child friendly outdoor furniture that everyone will love and that will fit your backyard perfectly, continue reading for a few helpful tips.

Furniture That Does Not Have Any Glass or Sharp Edges

Because glass can shatter and cause a lot of harm, you should avoid any outdoor furniture that has glass, such as an outdoor dining table with a top made of glass. In the event that your kids are running around playing and they accidentally hit the table and cause it to break, they could get very hurt. As beautiful as these outdoor pieces might be, it really is best to wait until your kids are older and more responsible before introducing this furniture into your backyard design scheme.

In the same way that you want to avoid glass in order to keep your children safe, you should also avoid outdoor furniture that has sharp edges that could cause harm. Even pieces that have detachable, small pieces could be hazardous to very young children who may attempt swallowing the pieces.

Furniture That Is Durable and Long-Lasting

Durability is another really important factor to consider when you are shopping for outdoor furniture that will also be kid friendly. You want to have furniture that will not break easily and that will last for many years to come. This will make your investment more than worthwhile because it means that you will not have to replace your outdoor pieces anytime soon. But more importantly, the furniture will not cause harm to your children.

Stick with materials like smooth metal, plastic, or wicker. Or you can go with teak or cedar as well. The key is to find all-weather pieces that will be able to withstand the elements throughout the seasons when your furniture will be out on your patio. Plus, these materials will be sturdy while still giving your outdoor space a really classy appearance that everyone will love. These materials are also surprisingly easy to keep clean, making them great options for families that have kids who can be a little messy when they are eating and playing outside.

Pieces with Dark Cushions

If you are planning on incorporating any cushions to create comfortable seating in your backyard, it is recommended that you stick with darker fabrics when you have children. This is because the darker colors will hide stains better than light shades, such as cream, beige, or white.

Even general wear and tear from being outside in the elements will not appear as evident on darker furniture and cushions. Plus, if the darker cushions are set against lighter furniture, they can provide a great contrast of colors that will make your space really attractive and unique.

Furniture That Is Lightweight

When you have kids, it is also a great idea to choose outdoor furniture that is versatile and easy to move. Avoid heavy, bulky sets and opt for lighter options that are easy to relocate and rearrange whenever necessary. Just make sure the furniture isn’t so light that it could easily break under pressure or fall over.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Shopping in Stores

When it comes to shopping for child friendly outdoor furniture, you should never limit yourself to just shopping for pieces in stores near your home, as this could prevent you from accessing all of the options that would really make your outdoor space the best that it can possibly be.

Instead, do some shopping online as well. You can find a variety of sites where you can locate the very best in durable teak outdoor furniture, and you can also sort through options that are kid friendly so you can narrow down your choices with greater ease. Plus, you will not have to deal with annoying salespeople when you browse or shop online.

Now that you know a few of the best tips for creating a child friendly outdoor space with the right furniture that will be attractive, functional, and safe for everyone, you can design the perfect backyard for entertaining family and friends or simply spending some time outside.

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