Better Ways To Spruce Up Your Garden

Whatever the season there is always a list of garden and outside chores waiting to be tackled. Now and again it can be a good idea to step back and get a feel for what needs to be done. It can help to take a turn around the block and imagine you are seeing your garden for the first time. Make a list of the things that strike you as needing attention.

How tidy is the garden for example? Is there unsightly rubbish or bric-a-brac that needs removing from the property? What is the state of the shrubs and hedges? Do you have trees that need pruning or cutting back? Do I need a professional tree service company for tree removal
? Once you have your list, you can decide which items are the most important. The great news is that most of these jobs can be tackled with just a little DIY expertise.

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Tidying up

Start with the tidy up. This will be a good way to get you outside again, especially if you’ve left things over the winter. This can be a fantastic opportunity to give your garden and yard a bit of a spring clean. If you have rubbish that needs removing, then why not hire a rubbish removal service, or simply hire a skip? Take down any broken or rotted sections of fencing, and scour your property for fallen debris.

How is the driveway bearing up?

If your drive has sunk into potholes, you could consider getting in some chips or gravel for example. Gravel itself can start to look a little tired after a few years. It might be time for a facelift. If your drive is concrete or brick, then all you might need to do is give it a blast with the power washer and treat it for weeds.

Pimp the Patio

Your patio area might have seen better days. It could be that a power wash might be enough. But consider if it is time to remove or renew. If it is time to replace then, you’ll need to remove the existing pavers or bricks. These are both hardy materials so it could well be worth just brushing down and smartening up. They can simply be reused. If the surface is too uneven, you will need to remove and stack while you create a flat base using the appropriate sand.

Deciding to deck

If you are thinking about laying any areas to deck then now is a perfect time. Creating a deck is a fast and easy way to create an excellent base. A deck can work with or instead of a patio area. It could even cover unsightly concrete for example. This is a lot easier than removing the slab. Other areas of your garden could be laid with deck. For example, consider creating a gazebo or separate area with a pergola. It could be set in a shaded or protected area of the garden or even in a secluded sun trap. It might be an excellent base for a BBQ or complement any number of features.

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Pruning and cutting back

You can be quite ruthless here, especially with shrubs and trees. The main idea is to cut back old growth before the Spring has a chance to kick in and those new shoots start to appear. This is a job that can be tackled in the Autumn too. A good pair of secateurs will be your trusty friend, or you might need a pruning saw for thicker branches.

Always step back and try to ensure that you are creating a balanced shape. If you are not sure or think that the job is too large for you why not get in touch with a company like Jim’s Mowing Hedging services? A professional gardening service will have the experience and the equipment to tackle any job efficiently.

Larger jobs and even tree removal might need a chainsaw. Unless you are very competent, leave this to the professionals. However, some chainsaws are within reach of the average gardener. Ensure that you read up on how to prune, make sure your footing is sound and that you are wearing safety equipment. Chainsaws and ladders do not mix. If the job is too high for you, get in touch with an arborist.

Fix up the lawn

If you are coming out of the winter season, or even in the autumn, it can be a good time to replenish any grass that is worn or patchy. Probably the first thing to do is give your garden a good rake. Gathering up any sodden leaves and debris can let light and air into your garden. These are both essential for a healthy lawn as is drainage.

Give the existing grass a cut if the ground is not too wet. You might have to wait for things to dry out if you’ve been lashed with rain. But the truth is the sooner you can get onto it better it will be. Lightly aerate any areas that you want to seed with the tip of a fork. Select your grass seed, and sprinkle over the area. You can add a light dressing of sand or very fine soil.

You might need to put up some deterrents for hungry birds. One of the most effective is to use old bare branches from your pruning and lay them over the area This will discourage cats and birds. It will also let the light through, so your grass can start to grow. Watering is vital, so make sure especially if it’s dry that you are watering lightly twice a day until things get established.

You won’t be able to cut or trim the grass until it thickens up. Otherwise, you will run the risk of ruining all your hard work. So a bit of patience is required! Stay away from feeding the lawn until your new grass is hardy. It’s better to avoid weed and feed type products as well. They are too aggressive for new grass.

Planting up

With your pruning done and your grass tended to, perhaps you’ll have the time to decide where and what plants you’ll put into your garden. Colour is always welcome. On the other hand, maybe you’d like to get your vegetables started. There’s no time better than now to get stuck into raised beds and to dig over your vegetable plots. If it is not growing season then simply start to feed and mulch in preparation for planting.

It might take a little coaxing to get outside, but once you start to spruce up your garden, you can get a real feel for the potential. Your property will not just look tidier and far more attractive, but you will feel a great sense of satisfaction in what you have achieved.

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