A Guide to Planning Your Wedding When You Have Kids

If you and your partner already have kids, planning your wedding is going to take a slightly different direction. Chances are, you’ve already started your lives together. You don’t want the same things you would have wanted before you have kids. You probably also want to include your kids in the wedding properly. This wedding planning guide will give you some awesome tips to help you do just that:

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Get Your Kids Involved

It only makes sense to get your kids involved. You could make them bridesmaids or ring bearers. But that isn’t all! You can get them involved in other ways too. Why not have them read an extract from a book, or write a poem for you both? Consider their strengths and what they are good at and assign them a nice task to really get them involved in the day.


Make sure you practice their bit with them before the day. It’ll be important to them, and you can help them get rid of any nerves and stage fright. Have a couple of runthroughs before the big day to get it just right. Make sure you don’t pressure them in any way though!

Have a Smaller Wedding Day

Have a smaller wedding day so you don’t eat into your funds for school and other kid related things. You’ve already started your lives together, so it makes no sense to go into any kind of debt now. Plan a nice intimate day with your close family and you’ll have a much better time. You can save lots of money if you choose free wedding invitation templates and things like that too.

Assign Someone to Watch the Kids

You don’t want to be worrying about what your children are getting up to while you’re actually marrying or having your first dance. Assign someone you trust to watch the kids when you’re doing other wedding related things. Just make sure the kids don’t feel left out!

Don’t Be Too Uptight

With kids at your wedding day, you can’t be too uptight. If you get chocolate on your dress, so be it. If they make a mess, don’t panic. Kids will be kids, so let them have a good time too. You’ll feel so much better if you just relax.

Think of Entertainment for the Kids

Make sure the kids have things to keep them entertained. They may not like the music, and some things may not be suitable for them to play with. Set up a games table and have colouring books and things waiting for them. You may also want to have some sweets laid on for them!

Your wedding day will be a little different when you have kids, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be the most amazing day of your life. Make sure you use these tips and you relax a little. You want your kids to be just as involved in the day as you are. Any tips of your own? Feel free to leave them below!

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