3 Reasons to Take Your Kids to Visit Elderly Relatives More Often in 2016!


If you have an elderly parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle who is living in a residential home for senior citizens, then it may feel difficult to find the time to visit as often as you might want to, or you might worry your child will find the environment boring or in some way distressing, and be reluctant to bring them along. However, there are a lot of benefits to making more regular trips for both you and your kids to see these older loved ones.

Here are just three reasons to make visiting elderly relatives as a family something you do more regularly in 2016!

Kids and the Elderly Enjoy Spending Time Together

You may have known your elderly relative all your life, and perhaps may not find them especially interesting at this point in time, but to kids, someone who has lived that long is like meeting someone from another planet! Even the most mundane stories of what life was like when elderly people were young can be really interesting to children, who have limited knowledge of the past. Just as kids can find old people endlessly fascinating, elderly people tend to appreciate the company of children, who bring a young and lively air to where they live – a place usually populated only by other elderly people! Close friendships often develop between kids and their grandparents or elderly great aunts and uncles, and often they open up around each other much more than usual.

You Can Make Sure Your Relative Is Being Treated Well

While it is not especially common, mistreatment of vulnerable people in residential care is a real concern. If you aren’t making regular trips to see your relative in a home nursing care, you may not notice if there are issues, as it can take a pretty keen eye to spot problems like these given the people involved usually don’t tell anyone. If you are concerned by what you see or your relative is showing signs of abuse or neglect, the best thing to do is contact professionals like Los Angeles Elder Abuse Lawyer firm Garcia Law, who can direct you on the action to take and help bring any perpetrators of elder abuse to justice, another solution would be to hire 24 hour care services so you can be able to help take care of your relative at home, so you know they’re safe. 

Your Children Will Learn a Lot

As well as learning all kinds of things from spending time with an elderly person, your children can also learn a lot about life, aging and health by seeing a nursing home and coming to think of it as a safe, comfortable place to visit. As they grow up, they will come to understand about aging and the other things that come with it like senility and frailty, and learning to be considerate toward seniors is a valuable lesson that can be learned early on by being exposed to a pleasant nursing home environment.

Going to visit people in a nursing home is not just a boon for those receiving the visits – it can also be a useful and interesting experience for your kids, and can give you the peace of mind of keeping an eye on the care your family member is getting.

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